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Sugababes Sweet 7 Review by Caville Range

03-16-2010 3:41 PM by Caville Range

A lot of you guys wanted to write your own "Sweet 7" reviews, so now you can publish them in this post. I'll go first:

I was a fan of Sugababes since 2003, but I became a die-hard fan one year ago. I was waiting for "Sweet 7" - like the other fans, I guess - very long and it's the nicest pleasure this year for me to hear all the songs from the album, because I didn't listen to any of the tracks from the leaked promo album, untill the official one came out in Poland on 5th of March. And I was surprised. It was great. Too good, I'd say, and that's why I was really surprised. For the first time in my life, listening to the new Sugababes album - I always knew it'll be fantastic (and it was) - I was surprised of how good it was. I believe it's their best album ever! Maybe thanks to Jade who brings the new energy to the band? Maybe it's the 'rebirth' of Heidi and Amelle? Or just the freshness of Sugababes 4.0? I don't know. But I have to say "Sweet 7" is the best album of 2010, indeed!

All songs are really catchy and well-rounded, they can suite everyone. Yes, maybe "Sweet 7" is the album 'for masses', but it's fantastic. Mix of electropop that's in the swim now, r&b and of course this specific, amazing sound of Sugababes. I love it when they try new genres in each album, but I have to say they all sound Sugababes. And that's what makes them the best girlband of the 21st century. Anyways, the album is really fun and cheeky, good to uplift when you're sad or just make you wanna dance and have great fun. I, personally, consider it as the best album in the Sugababes history.

"Get Sexy" - it's the first single off the album. I find it really good, although I had mixed feelings when I first heard it in July, but that's just because it was the brand new sound of the 'Babes. And now it's one of my 5 favourite songs from "Sweet 7". Love how can I dance Wacking or New Style to it. My friend extremely love this one xD! 8/10

"Wear My Kiss" - the third single. Definitely shines on the album, I can say it's my favourite track... EVER! Yeah, the tune reminds me of rock and I think I could call it power pop. It's just fantastic and the "Da, da, da" is so catchy I just can't get it out of my head! "You wanna wear my kiss all over your body, once you try it on, you can't live without it". 10/10

"About a Girl" - the second single. When Sugababes first performed it in September, I didn't like it much. But after listening to it 100 times I find it really good. Well, it did really well on the charts (I'd say extremely good in Poland), but I won't tell it's the best Sugababes single ever. RedOne could do better, although I still really like this track. 6,5/10

"Wait for You" - it's one of the best songs on the album, too. It's just different than the other tracks. The mix of the mid-tempo beginning with really climatic chorus and 'smooth' ending is great! I wouldn't chose it as a single, but I absolutely love it! 9/10

"Thank You for The Heartbreak" - and it comes the track that everybody just loves. But not me. I just don't feel this one, it's quite monotonous and too r&b like for this one. If song is an electropop, let's stick to this. I still really like it, but it's the worst song on "Sweet 7". 4,5/10

"Miss Everything (Feat. Sean Kingston)" - too much Kingston, too less 'Babes. I really like Heidi's verse, although I miss her through all of the track. I like the synthesizer sound in Amelle's middle 8, though. But it's a good song, could do really good in US. 6/10

"She's a Mess" - that's mine second favourite. Unforgottable "Everybody go mad, everybody go psycho", the techno tune and Amelle's rap is just... fantastic! Something Sugababes never done before. And that's why I so love this one. It could be a great single, though. It's really catchy. 9,5/10

"Give It To Me Now" - on each Sugababes album there is one 'heavy' song which severs singles/pop songs from ballads. And on "Sweet 7" "Give It To Me Now" is the one. I never liked the 'heavy' Sugababes songs ("Virgin Sexy" on "Angels With Dirty Faces", "Nasty Ghetto" on "Three", "It Ain't Easy" on "Taller In More Ways", "Back Down" on "Change" and "Beware" on "Catfights & Spotlights"... Ok, I only liked the last one), but this one is just different - really good. 7,5/10

"Crash & Burn" - this song is a possible fourth single. It's got something in it. But just reminds me too much of Pixie Lott's "Gravity" or - the most - Jordin Sparks Feat. Chris Brown's "No Air". Anyway, it's my third favourite song on the album :). The r&b sounds mixed with Heidi's beautiful voice and Amelle and Jade's amazing ad-libs gives us wonderful "Crash & Burn" - the only song recorded originally with Ewen to date. 9/10

"No More You" - I was really sad when I heard the r&b version of this Ne-Yo song - it was such a beautiful ballad when Keisha and Heidi performed it in August. But it's still good. Jade sounds great in the track, as well as Amelle and Heidi, though. 7/10

"Sweet & Amazing (Make It The Best)" - it gets me in a really good mood, but also... disturbing my mental equilibrium, I'd say. It's a really weird song that kinda reminds me of "Back When". I really like the 'bubblegum pop' tune and very clever and uplifting lyrics. Great. 8/10

"Little Miss Perfect" - that's the only real ballad on the album. Calm and really deep. The girls voices are amazing, I'd say it's the most beautiful track on "Sweet 7", it helps me to compose and relax, I really love it. 9/10

Ok, and "Sweet 7" now? 1000000000000/10! It's the best album of the year and if it won't get to #1, I'd be extremely shocked. I LOVE IT :D!

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