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The New Sugababes Single "Freedom" Doesn't Suck - Chart Rigger

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The New Sugababes Single "Freedom" Doesn't Suck

No one was more sad than yours d'luvvly to see Sugababes do a spectacular flame-out with their last album, Sweet 7. And, yes, I pretty much expected mademoiselles Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and newest member Jade Ewen to take up truck stop stripper poling after the trio's inevitable split.

Only, they didn't split. They trudged on. And now they're back with "Freedom," a total jam that makes the last five singles by The Saturdays sound like tinfoil in a blender (mind you, not that any of us needed Sugababes to make that assertion).

"Freedom" was first teased back in May in the Nokia N8 commercial it's tied in with. Then there was a lyric video a few weeks back.

Here's the full song, in all its whip-crack, synth-sexy glory:

UK single release is set for September 19th

The Wanted, Sugababes and TOWIE stars give their sun safety tips!

No one wants to be a lobster…
So the summer is (sometimes) here (when it’s in the mood) and that means it’s really important to protect your skin from the sun.

Sun burn doesn’t just look god-awful it’s also a huge risk to your health. In fact, according to Cancer Reseach UK, getting painful sunburn just once every two years can triple your risk of getting malignant melanoma - the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

But rather than hear us preach about it, why not listen to those celeb types talk about it. We’ve got Sugababes, The Only Way is Essex stars and an assortment of The Wanted boys - including Jay McGuiness tell Siva Kaneswaran that he’s in a bit of a different camp to Jay and Nicola Roberts when it comes to skin tone. He then touches Siva’s nipple. Hilarious.

And now for the gorgeous Sugababes, Siva and Jay...

Here are Lydia and Arg from TOWIE and the very lovely Nathan Sykes.

Sugababes Postcard from T4 on The Beach Video

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Sugababes Postcard from...T4 on the Beach in Association with Rimmel London: The Sugababes prepare themselves for a round of interviews.
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Vidcaps from Sugababes postcards from T4 on The Beach

New Sugababes Wallpaper

Sugababes Freedom - Hard Candy

sugababes freedom Sugababes: Freedom
If you are a fan of Hard Candy on Facebook you may have seen that a few weeks ago we talked about the new Sugababes single Freedom, that was previewed in a Nokia ad.
Now the full track has premiered, and it’s not as pure pop as we are used to from the girls. They’ve tried to go in a slightly edgier direction with this one and I’m not sure that it’s been entirely succesful. Although it is not as a strong a comeback I was hoping for, it’s not a bad effort. I’ve loved the band since version one and am still excited to hear the album!