Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sugababes Fragrance Competition winners

The Winners of the competition are helen_work , yurgesjaffa and Ryan Amstad , Please email your names and addresses to and I will send your addresses to Sugababes Fragrances to confirm you are on their Facebook page liking them and they will despatch your prizes to you. Many thanks to all who entered . I hope to have further competitions in the future so keep locked in .Many Thanks JadeEwenFan

Posted by Dean Piper On October 31st, 2010

*The Sugababes are not done and dusted by a long shot! New Ultimo model Jade Ewen told me at the Nokia N8 bash: “We’re currently in the studio recording at the minute. This album is more vocally driven and organic. We really want to be all about the voices so are just getting round an acoustic guitar to write the songs at the minute. Speaking as a fan, I loved The Sugababes round the Freak Like Me days where it was all about the vocals. We’ve recorded about 15 tracks so far. There are no big named producers we’re working with at the minute as then we’ll end up sounding like them and everything that’s out there at the minute.
“I’m counting this as my first album as I’ve been there from the beginning and have had just as much input. It will definitely sound a lot different to Sweet 7 as that was current and fitted in to what was around in the charts when it was released.” I can’t wait for some new music -  the Babes are missed!

Happy Halloween Jade

CAUTION..........Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID!
(Not for the faint of heart)
Happy Hallowe'en Boo!

Sugababes Jade Ewen "We’ve already finished about 15 tracks.."


ABOVE: The Sugababes have been quiet of late, but the girls will be back in time for Christmas
31st October 2010

By Ed Gleave

THE Sugababes have been quiet of late, but I can reveal the girls will be back in time for Christmas.

The sexy trio have been busy in the studio working on their next album, with a new single due out by the end of the year.

At the Brylcreem Paste bash newbie Jade Ewen, 22, told me: “We’ve already finished about 15 tracks and this album will showcase us as singers.

“Sweet 7 was relevant to the scene but didn’t make the most of our vocals, so we want to change that.”IT’S A NEW EW