Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jade on tumblr - PROUD!

Jade on tumblr :


Wow! what a challenging week I have had so far.
I have been trying to overcome a very huge life-long phobia and today I made a break through! I am just so happy and proud of myself!!
I can’t really put it into words how I feel! I just hope I can continue to take these baby steps and keep moving forward with this new confidence and positivity :)
I realise it is good to push yourself and go beyond what you think could ever be possible or achievable. That feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding its what life is all about!!
I hope tomorrow is as successful 
cheers to me :) xxx

Lets all add our Cheers to Jade ~ JEF

Sugababes saying Hi gif

Jade introduces Zim to us all

Good morning everyone! Zim wants to say hello to you all too :) xx

Guys I have to introduce you to Zim (my dads new guide-dog) he is the cutest thing!

15th December Sugababes Advent Calendar