Friday, 17 August 2012

Gorgeous Jade in the park with Black cat

Me and a cute little cat that wanted to be friends in the park today :)

OK! Chats to Mollie King,Scott Maslen and Heidi Range at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party

OK! Chats to Mollie King, Cheska Hull, Scott Maslen 

and Heidi Range at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party

Published on 22 Jun 2012 by 
We [] caught up with Mollie King at the WTA pre-Wimbledon party who revealed that there is a new single coming out in a few months as well as The Saturdays gigging around the UK during the summer months. Rochelle and Vanessa are currently away in Africa this week for Comic Relief.
We also caught with Cheska Hull (Made In Chelsea), Scott Maslen (EasterEnders) and Heidi Range.

Presenter - Emma Pollard
Camera, editor and Producer - Julian Coleman
Co-Producer - Stacey Waterman

Serett Productions;

Leggy Jade Gif found by Elliot

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Amelle , Jade and Friend on the Beach in Barbados

 Gary Sewell
 I think I have to win with this one taken in Barbados with Sugababes  and  x