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Sugababes – Sweeter Than Sugar! (Superstarmagazine EXCLUSIVE)

Sugababes – Sweeter Than Sugar! (EXCLUSIVE)

Eve-Yasmine with Sugababes
Eve-Yasmine with Sugababes
The gorgeous girl group Sugababes have stuck strong for many years now and despite band members changing have maintained some of the most loyal and supportive fans. Amelle, Heidi and Jade recently rocked dazzling purple & silver numbers at The Glamour Women Of The Year Awards. Whilst out in Morocco in May, Heidi celebrated her birthday as the babes performed at The International Music Festival- ‘Mawazine’. Superstar Magazine caught up with the girls ( who are as sweet as ever!) there to discuss costumes, music and how to keep a longlasting girl band relationship!

Q: Amelle! Like me you’re also a British Moroccan who is one of 6! Growing up, did you feel that you were influenced by the different tastes in your family?
Amelle: (Smiles) Definitely.I’ve always loved Moroccan music, I grew up listening to all kinds. All three of us we get inspired by all different types. I think it’s definitely a good thing that we come from different backgrounds.
Sugababes at Mawazine Festival
Sugababes at Mawazine Festival

Q: For your performances in general how much of say do you have in what you wear in terms of the onstage costumes/designs?…
Amelle: We do get involved, it’s very important for us to feel comfortable, if you don’t feel that way then when you’re performing it distracts you.
You need as less stress as possible before you go on stage so you can just go on and give a good show, we definitely have a lot of say.

Q: What do you girls think of Moroccan designers?

Heidi: (Grins) Well the girls got to go shopping this morning, so I was a bit jealous as I wanted to go too! We love the designs here, hopefully I’ll be able to go shopping later on!
Next time we come we’d like to wear kaftans when we perform.

Q: Many bands start young like the Sugababes, is there a good time to create a band and how do you form a tight group?
Sugababes at Mawazine
Sugababes at Mawazine

Jade Ewen: Sugababes have been going 12 years now, which is not bad at all. The one thing that remains is the music.You have to work as a team and want the same goals.
Heidi Range: Also Sugababes started as a teenage group, the band has changed over the years but when you grow up you do tend to want different things.
Amelle: We write a lot of our material which is what sets us apart. We try not to focus on what everyone else is doing.

Q: We heard that you worked with Moroccan Grammy Winning Producer RedOne
Sugababes: Yes we did, we worked with RedOne recently for our new album, he was a joy and so easy to work with, really professional.
Amelle: We actually heard some Moroccan music the other day and thought it was one of our tracks playing!

Q: So Sugababes, what can we expect next!?
Sugababes: We are writing our latest album now and performing our first single this evening. Sugababes is a brand that doesn’t stick to the rules.
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