Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jade Ewen Photo of the Day

Time change for Jade's Personal Appearence for Miss Ultimo at Debenhams


I have now received confirmation of Jades Personal Appearance for Miss Ultimo . Jade will be in the Ultimo Lingerie Department from 12Noon on Wednesday 15th December at Debenhams Oxford Street , LONDON . 
Jade wants everyone to come see her launch the new Miss Ultimo Christmas collection.

Debenhams Google Map
Debenhams, 334-348 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1JG

Miscellaneous photos from JadeDaily.com

Thanks to http://jadedaily.com/jade for the photos

This photo is credited to Jolanda Coetzer by Jadedaily.com

This portrait of Jade is by Zenon Stefaniak
Mar 11, 2010, 9:54:48 PM
http://zenonst.deviantart.com/art/Jade-Ewen-of-Sugababes-157491912 , visit his page for many more wonderful photos.

Photo of Jade and Prof Green at Drogba Charity Ball

The Didier Drogba Foundation Charity Ball 2010

Professor Green is a lucky man, posing with Sugababes stunner Jade Ewen.

Jade Ewen Tweets about Harry Potter and Lapland

Jade Tweeted earlier today that she was having a relaxing night out eating at Nandos and then going to see Harry Potter . When she returned she Tweeted :

JadeEwen : LOVED Harry Potter this evening!!

Then her next tweet was :

JadeEwen: Packing for Lapland going over to meet some very sick children :( hope to make them smile! now to find clothes suitable for minus 15degrees!

Looking forward to seeing some photos from Santa Claus land see some info below where Jade is going ...

About Lapland - nature, seasons

Lapland offers its visitors four seasons that very distinctly differ from one another. Spring, summer, autumn, and the winter that takes up half the year provide you with the very best travel experiences when you take an open mind and clothing suitable for the time of year. Landscapes typical for Lapland other than the grand fell sceneries are the aapa bogs rich with birdlife, various hilly regions and expansive river waterways. The most common and best known animal is the reindeer that is an essential part of Lappish nature.

Lappish culture is a mixture of influences from every direction. The cultures of the neighbouring regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia have greatly influenced the Sámi culture and Finnishness. The cultural differences between Lapland’s different regions are rather significant. The Swedish influenced West Lapland district is worlds apart from the Sámi culture of North Lapland with completely different language and traditions.

Lapland belongs to a continental climatic zone characterised by snowy winters and relatively warm summers. The four seasons of Lapland distinctly differ from one another, from the wintertime period of harsh freezing temperatures and a few hours of daylight to the springtime with great ski slope conditions and the summertime with the Midnight Sun and autumn with its vibrant autumnal ruska period.  How about downhill or cross-country skiing on guaranteed snow cover, or perhaps a sensory awakening with a dip in an ice pool? Would you prefer a long canoeing trip in the sunshine, or maybe a trek through the vibrantly coloured ruska countryside? These are all given to you by Lapland’s spectacularly different four seasons. 


Arktikum offers people of all ages interesting adventures focused around the nature and culture of the North...
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Ranua Wildlife Park
Ranua Wildlife Park is Santa’s own wildlife park. It is home to around 60 species of wild animals small and large...
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Salla Reindeer Park
The main building of the Reindeer Park houses the Forest Hall Exhibition, predator display and visiting art exhibitions...
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Siida is the home of the Sámi Museum, Northern Lapland Nature Centre and Restaurant Sarrit. With its cultural and nature exhibitions, a meeting place and an exhibition center...
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Pentik Mäki is a renowned cultural and shopping tourism complex in Posio...
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The Kemi SnowCastle is an annual demonstration of snow-castle building skill and proof of the creative madness and innovation native of Kemi...
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Santa Claus Village
Cross the magical Arctic Circle, dine in the restaurants and browse the souvenir shops or go on an adventure...
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Icebreaker Sampo
Sense the power of the Sampo Icebreaker when it pushes its way through an ice cover take a dip in the freezing cold sea...
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Lainio SnowVillage
Imagine a village, built entirely of snow and ice and rebuilt every year with different architectural themes...
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Amethyst Mine
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