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Dancing On Ice 2012: Heidi + Six other celebs to skate in first live show

Dancing On Ice 2012: Seven celebs to skate in first live show

Dancing On Ice
Seven celebrities will take to the ice on Sunday’s opening Dancing On Ice live show, it has been claimed.

Tabloid reports suggest half of the stars will skate during the first weekend, with one of them going home after a public vote.
The Sun suggest Coronation Street’s Andy Whyment and Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere are amongst the celebs selected to go first.
They’ll be joined by Dallas star Charlene Tilton, Sugababes singer Heidi Range, kids’ TV presenter Mark Rhodes and Olympic medallist Chemmy Alcott. A seventh as yet unconfirmed star will also be in the line up.
The remaining skaters will then put their skates on for the first time next weekend.
Dancing On Ice 2012 starts at 6:30PM on January 8 on ITV1.

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Popjustice with Sugababes #1 News

Here are some facts about Keisha Buchanan, Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena.
Story filed Friday, 06 January 2012

This is all so stupidly amazing that we are going to have to do it in bullet points in an attempt not to just BREAK DOWN AND CRY.

Here goes.

» Keisha Buchanan, Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena all used to be in the Sugababes, then one by one they left.

» When Keisha was the last original member to leave the band in 2009 there were some brief murmurings about some sort of reunion, but it was felt that the time wasn't quite right.

» They met up last year and decided that they would get back together to see how it went.

» It's going quite well as it happens.

» Emeli Sandé, MNEK, Asterix, Craze & Hoax, Tanika, Mojam and Naughty Boy are some names that should be considered pertinent to the whole 'what will their new material sound like' question.

» Sadface: they have not recorded with Xenomania.


» Just as excitingly so is Cameron 'Most Of The Best Songs On One Touch' McVey.

» They are being managed by Felix Howard. The main thing you need to know about Felix Howard is that he wrote THIS and THIS.

» The Pro Green tweets last night may have been a bit of a red herring - they were basically just in the same building.

» They are not called Sugababes (because they can't be and let's face it probably don't want to be although following Mutya's trademark victory they could do some nice serviettes with that name on if they wanted). We'll call them Origababes for the time being, but it struck us over Christmas that One Touch has a nice ring to it. Anyway the point is that they are concentrating on the music bit rather than the name bit for the time being.

» There's no label (or publishers) yet, but they are - music biz 'parlance' alert - 'down the road' with three.

» They are, so we hear, "three very happy ladies".

*Breaks down and cries*

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Dancing On Ice: Heidi Range aching all over... but is still going to the gym

Dancing On Ice: Heidi Range aching all over... but is still going to the gym!

Heidi Range (Dancing On Ice)
Super slim Heidi Range has already lost three stone thanks to Dancing On Ice, and despite aching all over she says she’s still working out at the gym daily!

The 28-year-old, partnered with hunky Sylvain Longchambon, said: “I’m still going to the gym.
“I went after my first costume fitting because I thought ‘you’re going to be in lycra on HD TV!”

Despite having performed at some of the UK’s biggest music venues as part of the Sugababes, the pop star also admitted that she was really is feeling nervous about her first performance.
“I’d love to get to the stage where I’m performing and enjoying it, rather than just feeling nervous,” she explained. “It’s great now that we’re at Elstree more and we keep bumping into everyone, it’s really nice, it’s like a little gang now and I’m enjoying getting to know everyone.

“I’ve had the chance to spend time with Jennifer Ellison and Jorgie Porter which was really nice.”
It’s not been the best of starts for Heidi however, with the singer being hospitalised already after hurting her wrist during training! Let’s hope she can stay out of A&E between now and Sunday…
Dancing On Ice starts on January 8 on ITV1.

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