Sunday, 27 February 2011

Taio Cruz Feat. Jade Ewen - "Higher"

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Feb 27, 2011

Jade visits the T4 studios to perform "Higher" with Taio Cruz since Kylie couldn't make it.
* Jade DOES sing in this performance, Kylie's vocals were louder due to copyright grounds. *
- No Copyright infragment intended. -

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Tinie Tempah's Sex Confession

Tinie Tempah - Tinie Tempah's Sex Confession

27 February 2011 02:00:48 PM

Tinie Tempah's Sex Confession

Tinie Tempah has admitted he and a previous girlfriend once had sex in a cinema.
Tinie Tempah once had sex in a cinema.

The 22-year-old rapper confessed he and a lady friend planned to get up to no good during a movie date and deliberately chose to watch something they knew wouldn't distract them from getting down and dirty.

When asked if he's ever got it on in public he replied: "In the cinema. I can't remember what film it was - we intentionally picked a bad film, as we knew we wouldn't be watching it!"

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker also revealed he's not the settling down type when it comes to girls, admitting his shortest relationship was "one night" - and even doubts he has ever had a real long-term girlfriend.
He explained: "My longest ever relationship was seven months. I was pretty young at the time, and looking back now I think, 'Was that even a real relationship?'"

Tinie instead prefers to admire the attractive girls he meets in the music industry, confessing to crushes on a host of beautiful singers.
He told more! magazine: "Rihanna is incredible. Frankie from The Saturdays is hot,Jade from Sugababes , Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott. Alright there are loads! I'm a bit of a sucker for a pretty face."

Jade Ewen interview in The Netherlands Pre Eurovision 2009

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Recorded on 18/04/09

Andrew Lloyd Webber op het Songfestival! MusicalWorld.TV spreekt met de vertegenwoordiger van Groot-Brittannië, zangeres Jade Ewen.

Jade Ewen sings and chats about Andrew Lloyd Webber about the contest! Interviewed by MusicalWorld.TV

United Kingdom...douze points
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ITN Video of Jade. JLS and others supporting Alicia Keys charity May 2010

Katie and Alex out to support Alicia Keys charity
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