Thursday, 8 November 2012

Amelle's Adventures in Dubai (part three)

I feel a song coming on...

Eye balling! Lol x 

Me and my best bud! X

Already miss you Sammy xx

This pic cracks me up! Xx

On our way to Abu Dhabi!!!! :)) xxx

O... Look!! I won the Olympics!! Ha! Xx

'Sister...Sister... Never knew how much I missed ya'! Lol xx

Alex and me chilling... :) 

Main course... Yum yum In my tum tum :) lol xx

:) x

Abu Dhabi :) xx

Photos of Jade's beautiful first tattoo on her back

Jade: My first..

My new tattoo!! :)
it says 
“and the beauty of life is lost when you only 
look with your eyes”

My new tattoo!!
I’m so in love with it !!!!
Means so much to me,
Couldn’t be more perfect to start this new 
chapter of my life.. :) xxx

Video of Heidi on Unzipped BBC3

Heidi joins Jerry Springer and Example on the Unzipped couch, and says she's dating a property developer, wants to be in a West End Musical and is extremely happy, although stays away from white wine as it might scare her new boo away. Thanks to @stevetaylo  and @RainbowZooble for contributing to this article and for the heads up.

Example and Jerry Springer join Greg James and Russell Kane for chat, games and bizarre confessions, all based around the results of a unique survey exploring British behaviour.
  • Broadcast onBBC Three, 1:15AM Thu, 8 Nov 2012
  • Available until10:44PM Wed, 28 Nov 2012
  • First broadcastBBC Three, 10:00PM Wed, 7 Nov 2012
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  • Duration45 minutes

Jerry Springer Unzipped - Unzipped - Episode 6 - 

BBC Three

See the whole programme on BBC iplayer by clicking the link below