Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Amelle's Happy with 2st Weight Gain

Amelle's 2st Weight Gain
Amelle Berrabah

Pictures of a size zero Amelle Berrabah shocked fans in 2009.

But since finding love (and peace at work), Amelle's gained weight.

Now the Sugababes star says she is happier than ever with her 9st figure.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Amelle, 25, said: "I've always been thin, and conscious of it. The stress last year meant I lost even more weight.

"I wasn't not eating because I wanted to be skinny.

"I felt like a little boy with no boobs. Now I've put on weight my boobs are back and I've got a bum."

The stress that Amelle is referring to is likely to be the tension within the Sugababes, which ended in the departure of Keisha Buchanan from the band last September.

Size zero: Amelle last year But it's not only a settled work life that has given Amelle her body confidence. She also puts it down to her happiness with new boyfriend Tom Benn: "He's lovely. We've only been official for the last few weeks but it's great.

"I'm glad I found him."

So how has Amelle been getting her new, curvier figure? The singer recently posted on Twitter: "Just had the nicest pizza ever."

And: "I had a chicken club with cheese instead of bacon."

At last, a celebrity diet we can get on board with.

Life's sweet in LA for JLS

Life's sweet in LA for JLS

Jls are having a Suga-coated introduction to the tough music business in Los Angeles.

Keisha Buchanan - formerly of the Sugababes - is also in La La Land working on her debut solo album and has taken the boys under her wing, intro-ducing them to big names like Jay-Z and Kanye West.

A source said: "It's all go for JLS, and there's even talk of a collaboration with Keisha - who is already making waves with music honchos."

Proving again it's not what you know, but who you know...

Cannes Concert for Sugababes

The Sugababes performed in Cannes on the Beach on Tuesday night, with Jade performing her first 60 minute set Successfully

@JadeEwen Tweeted :

JadeEwen: sitting in my hotel room in cannes going over the songs for later... had to learn stronger, in the middle, denial and red dress..

JadeEwen: what a nice song stronger is...

JadeEwen: its just a gig not promoting. and they like us to sing songs that everyone knows like the old hits...

Earlier in the Day @Heidi_range Tweeted

Heidi_range: Just landed in the south of france for tonights gig, lovely sunshine x

Much Earlier in the day Heidi Tweeted

Heidi_range: Just done a Zumba class at Virgin Active, it was so much fun. Shakira eat you your heat out! x

Heidi_range: your heart out not heat! x

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch

The Sugababes launched their album Sweet 7 at the trendy Supperclub in London's Notting Hill on Wednesday 3rd March and we were there to catch all the action just for you! Find out what happened below and watch the performance videos!

The exclusive Supperclub was decked out in opulent style for the launch party, with large white beds, scatter pillows and small tables. The guests partied to the DJ's floor fillers as they waited for the glamorous trio to arrive.

Amelle, Heidi and Jade, dressed all in black, opened the launch with their big UK hit "Freak Like Me" accompanied by a live band dressed in white boiler suits and sparkly black masks!

They then sang the popular "Hole In The Head" and their latest single from the new album "Wear My Kiss" before launching into "Too Lost In You". The girls said that they were delighted to be live on stage again in front of their fans before singing "Crash And Burn" from Sweet 7. The band then performed the hugely successful "Girls" with fans singing along word for word.

The fans went wild when the girls made an energetic performance of their second single from the new album "About A Girl" before moving on to "Push A Button". They made a stunning performance of "Get Sexy" and rounded off the spectacular line up with "About You Now". The girls closed the gig by thanking everyone for coming before jumping into the surprised crowd on exit. They then continued to party with guests and new Sugababe member Jade Ewen commented that the girls are all really excited to be on stage performing and are looking forward to their future together as a band.

The much anticipated Sweet 7 is in stores now! Check out the girls performances from the album launch below: (Link not working on photos , need to go to Website

Round Round
Hole in the Head
Wear my Kiss
Too Lost in You
Crash N'Burn
About a Girl
Push the Button
Get Sexy
About You Know

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