Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sweet 7 Box set winners!

Sweet 7 Box set winners!
16th March 2010

Congratulations to these guys for their short but sweet answers to why they wanted a sweet box:

Paul Nicholas Tatum (Holmewood,Bradford)
I want a Sweet Box because... I'm a freak in the mornin', a freak in the
evenin', just like you!!!!

Ryan Woods (King's Lynn, Norfolk)
I want a sweet box because I’m a fan of all things sugar and spice. And Sweet 7
sounds very nice.

Julie Thomson (Coalburn, Lanarkshire)
I want a sweet box because who believes what the dentists say when they say sweets
are bad for you, they make me very happy!


  1. So happy I'm one of the winners. Couldn't believe it! I never win anything! :D Can't wait for it to come!