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Sugababes Freedom Manchester Pride Video !

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Range: We want a winter wedding

Range: We want a winter wedding

Thursday 8th September 2011, 9:20AM BST.

Heidi Range is chilled out about her wedding plans
Heidi Range is chilled out about her wedding plans
Heidi Range has confessed she and fiance Dave Berry are so relaxed about their nuptials that they’re still looking for a wedding venue.
The Sugababe and her TV presenter future husband have been dating since 2003, but Heidi says they aren’t in any rush to tie the knot.
When asked if she was a bridezilla, Heidi replied: “No I’m not, I think that’s why we’ve been engaged for two years and still haven’t got married, we’re just still looking at venues.
“We hope to do it next winter because we want a winter wonderland type wedding, so if we find the right venue it will be next December.”
The Sugababes will be performing at the curtain call for West End musical Mamma Mia! next month as part of Pop Goes The Musical for Children In Need, and Heidi revealed the band can’t wait to belt out an Abba number.
“It’s just such a fun musical and there are so many songs that we can do with the three-part harmonies that really suit us,” she added.
“We went to watch it, Jade (Ewen) was in the middle of me and Amelle (Berrabah) and she had to console us because we were both crying.”

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