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Sugababe Amelle teases new single, video: can she find solo success? - Click Music

Sugababe Amelle teases new single, video: can she find solo success?

Love Is All We Need will be the lead single from her first solo album

Posted 19th July 2013 in News, Sugababes | By Clickmusic News Desk

Amelle Berrabah has unveiled a new teaser video for her forthcoming solo single, which explains some of the thought behind 'Love Is All We Need'. It's about love, you see, and how it's all we need.

The Sugababe and now solo singer previewed the music video with the good folks over at DigitalSpy with some clips of how it was made. She also talks about how her label has given her complete creative freedom on the album.

Amelle explained: "The song is basically about love as you probably can tell from the title!"

"I just wrote about love at first sight – when you see someone and you're instantly attracted to them.

"The video concept is almost me and Adam narrating exactly that: two people bumping into each other."

We're not sure about the track, mostly because it sounds like a low-rent Kelly Llorenna song, but it might grow on us in time. It doesn't seem like this will be the track to establish her career away from the girlband.

What do you think of the track? Do you think Amelle can make it without the Sugababes?

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