Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Where Pass London interview Jade Ewen about her Perfect Day


My Perfect Day

In June, we caught the opening night of 'Aladdin' and were quite simply blown away - read our rave review about the production here. When we heard Where London magazine interviewed the actress playing Jasmine, Jade Ewen, in the August issue, we couldn't help joining the magic carpet ride...
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Hi Jane, on your 'Perfect Day' in London, what time would you wake up?Around 10am at the latest. I usually wake up a lot earlier. It would be nice to lie in, but I don’t want to waste the day.
What would be your perfect breakfast?I quite like bagels, salmon and scrambled eggs.
What are your favourite buildings?I like classic buildings – they are awe-inspiring and detailed. I find history really interesting. St Paul’s Cathedral is incredible, and I love the Royal Albert Hall, too.
What museums and galleries do you love?I loved the Natural History Museum as a child as there’s so much to see there.
Is there a place in London that holds a special memory for you?At the moment it is The National Gallery – we had the press party for Aladdin there. It was so grand! It was the highlight of my career, and inspires me to keep going.
Where do you like shopping?I love Borough Market. I love the hustle and bustle, the food and trying things. I enjoy Shoreditch for shopping – I get hand-crafted pieces of jewellery there, which you wouldn’t normally find in traditional stores.
Aladdin in London, tickets to Aladdin, Aladdin review, things to do in London, London attractions
What has been a memorable purchase?A turquoise and silver pendant from Shoreditch. It is an ornate piece.
What green spaces do you like?I have a lot of fond memories of Regent’s Park. I did Porgy and Bess there last year at the Open Air Theatre. I got to perform in that setting, and had picnics near the lovely lake – it’s beautiful.
What places in the city inspire you?I spent my childhood in Plaistow, east London, and I have recently been revisiting this area, which I haven’t been to for years. When I see those places, like my primary school and dance school, I never dreamed I’d be doing what I’m doing now.
How do you prefer to travel in the city?I’ve always loved the Tube. I struggle sitting in a car when there is traffic, and buses give me motion sickness. I know the Tube like the back of my hand. I’m quite good at all the lines and how to get around fast.
Would you do anything extravagant?I would go to the Four Seasons’ day spa on Park Lane and treat myself to a massage.
Where would you have a drink?I’m not a massive drinker, so I would choose a bar where I can socialise with friends. Bar Italia is great.
Aladdin in London, tickets to Aladdin, Aladdin review, things to do in London, London attractions
What would be your ideal entertainment?Anywhere with live music. Ronnie Scott’s is amazing.
Where do you like to eat out?I love to eat! The other day I went to Zuma in Knightsbridge for sushi. It was delicious; everything I ordered was good. I also like Wolfgang Puck at Cut at 45 Park Lane Hotel, as they do good steaks and sweet potato fries.
You are currently starring in Aladdin. Tell us about the show?It is the biggest production to ever come to the West End. We hold the world record for the most amount of costume changes, too – 108 in two minutes. We also have eight million crystals in the show!
What makes London stand out from the rest of the world?I’m proud that I’m from London. There’s just so much to do all the time, so I’m never bored. I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a lot with my work, but I always come back to London. People say they want to live abroad, but the capital will always be my number one as I don’t think anywhere else in the world beats it.
Where would you spend the night?I love the Corinthia Hotel.
Catch 'Aladdin' at the Prince Edward Theatre, Old Compton
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