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Sugababes - Wear My Kiss - Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes tour of the Sugababes' latest video 'Wear My Kiss'. Video thanks to Sweet7Media.

Seven Questions With Taio Cruz

British singer/songwriter/producer Taio Cruz is no stranger to the top of the charts in his home country—in addition to his own hit “Break Your Heart” reaching #1 last year, “Never Leave You,” a track he wrote for Tinchy Stryder and Sugababes member Amelle Berrabah, also achieved the same feat.

Now Taio has found himself in an enviable position in the States. Recently signed to an American deal with Mercury Records, the 26-year-old Londoner paired up with Ludacris for a reworked version of “Break Your Heart” that managed to shoot to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week. (Cruz also set a record for the largest jump on the Hot 100 by an artist with their debut single when “Break Your Heart” flew from #53 to #1.)

IDOLATOR: Your second album Rokstarr has been out in the UK since the fall. Are you writing new songs for its U.S. release?
TC: Yes—I’m always writing songs! I’ve got quite a few good ones from Rokstarr and the Departure album. I’ve been in the studio with Dr. Luke and Dallas Austin doing sessions. So hopefully good stuff comes out of that.

So far so good—and congrats on “Break Your Heart” becoming your first American hit. How did you first connect with Ludacris?
TC: Well, I always thought he was amazing as an artist, and we wanted someone for the record. He was the first one that came to mind as a rapper who never fails to make good music and give great performances. We reached out to his management and he said he loved it and wanted to jump on it.

You also snagged Ke$ha to sing on your tune “Dirty Picture.” Any chance you actually have any dirty pics of her? And if so, Skype those on over!
TC: [Laughs] No…

TC: I don’t have any dirty pictures of Ke$ha but we are shooting the video for the song soon and I’m sure we’ll take some then. So, even better—you’ll have moving dirty pictures of Ke$ha.

Excellent. So, given that you’ve written for artists like Justin Timberlake, Britney, Sugababes and Tinchy Stryder, how do you determine which of your songs you want to keep for yourself and which ones you’re willing to give over to other artists?
TC: Well, sometimes I specifically write it for someone else, and in that case it’s theirs by default no matter how good the song is or how much I love it. If I’m writing just in general I am always inspired. So I’m not overly pressured to keep records for myself—I feel like I will write another song that will be better and, for the moment, be my favorite.

Speaking of Sugababes, you have a good relationship with them. Was it odd to work with the trio while they were going through such an abrupt lineup change?
TC: It was very weird. One week I was with them and the next week [there was] the new set up. I’ve known Jade [Ewen] for a long time, so I’m quite happy that she is doing well and in such an amazing band. I’m happy for them.

Will you be doing any live appearances or touring in the States at some point this year?
TC: I would love to do a tour. There aren’t plans for a tour just yet but hopefully with the upcoming album there will be a demand by the fans so Taio can rock out with the Rokstarr album.

Tying in with that, you’ve also got the Rokstarr line of sunglasses. Where’s the best place for people to purchase them at?
TC: The best place to buy the shades are at—buy it online! The Rokstarr line of sunglasses is sort of a brainchild of mine. It’s a brand that I really really love. I’m a big fan of Chanel and thought there should be a male equivalent of black and white sunglasses. It has a very slick art direction for a clothing brand. I wanted to be the spearhead for that brand, and it’s working out pretty well.

Sugababes - Interview at BBC Breakfast News - 12th March 2010

Sugababes are interviewed live on BBC Breakfast on 12th March. Video thanks to Sweet7Media.



COULD it finally be curtains for the ever-evolving Sugababes?

Their latest album Sweet 7 will struggle to hit the top ten when the charts are released today.

And Heidi Range admitted the group wouldn’t survive another line-up change.

The lovely Liverpudlian lass said: “We’ve said if something happens again we wouldn’t carry on the band with someone else. That’s it.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, ladies.

I’m a huge fan of their latest offering and even more so of the girls themselves, whom I bumped into again at Heart Radio’s Have A Heart fund-raiser.

It’s been a rough ride for the foxy threesome since the reform – especially for sexy new member Jade Ewan who
was papped while out for JLS singer Marvin’s birthday on Friday.
Jade admitted: “The loyal fans weren’t so willing to embrace me. People shouted abuse at me in the street.”

The babes definitely don’t deserve that. Though I can’t believe they still called the album Sweet 7 after getting
rid of founding band member Keisha Buchanan.

After all, she was the only Suga who had actually made all seven albums...comprende?

Sugababes Global Radio Station HeartFM 19.3.10

Sugababes & Other Celebs At Have A Heart - Fundraising Day - London - Arrivals & Aftershow

Thanks to elizabethtoni

London: 19 March 2010
Flash Alert! Flash Alert! Flash Alert! Flash Alert!
At the south-east corner of the Square lies Heart Radio's HQ and it was the focus for an all day gig supporting the Starlight Children's Foundation. Every half hour or so a fresh celeb was booked to appear on the station to work the auction phones and that meant there were plenty of paps waiting their arrival. I hooked up with some of my fanline friends early in the day and pleasant company always makes the day go faster. When stars did arrive it was often a scramble, but with a stretched arm I managed to get shots. Some stars were more accommodating to fans and photographers than others. Some had more time to sign and pose, some were rushed and some preferred to do it on the way out. It was a bit of a mixed bag. Alesha Dixon, Alexandra Burke, Anthony Head and Sheridan Smith are always lovely with fans and today were no exception. Toni Braxton was one of the later arrivals and looked lovely once she'd been persuaded to take off the sunglasses. See the list below to see all those I captured. Once over, it was back to HQ to transfer the footage before heading off to the next gig over at the London Hilton, Park Lane. See that film too on my channel.

Celebs in attendance:
Jonathan Gill, JLS
Marvin Humes, JLS
Aston Merrygold, JLS
Oritse Williams, JLS
Sharleen Spiteri
Alesha Dixon
Alexandra Burke
Anthony Head
Jamie Theakston
Sheridan Smith
Toby Anstis
John Simm
Lee Ryan
Heidi Range, Sugababes
Amelle Berrabah, Sugababes
Jade Ewen, Sugababes
Toni Braxton

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Sugababes arrive at 5.45 on video