Thursday, 10 January 2013

Amelle searching and finding food on sprkle video

Check out  Amelle's latest sprkle video here

and then Angela's video of Amelle here

This lady makes amazing food, yum yum in my tum tum

Well hello.... Random guy who decided to join our photo! Bless him

Photo: Bikini'd Jade "Sneaky peek..Getting the abs out! Worth the work in the gym :)"

Jade : Sneaky peek.. Getting the abs out! Worth the work in the gym :)

Sneak peeks at Jade's latest Hot and Sexy photoshoot

Yeshhh to the red lip I'm rockin right about now! Lol

My hair and make up for the second look at today's shoot !

Morning! Looking forward to the shoot today with   (hair) and !!

Last look of the day!

Thank you  for my lovely ring!!

SO excited for you guys to see the pictures from today's shoot!! AMAZING!!!!! Team were on fire thanks guys!

: On shoot with  Total abs envy.”lol!!!! Thanks jack!!!

: Amazing shoot today with the gorgeous can't wait to get them out in the media 

Absolute pleasure shooting with      & . Top day, amazing team

Jade: Sneaky peek.. Getting the abs out! Worth the work in the gym :)

On shoot yesterday with the beautiful  I used 'San Tan-Tonio' 'Oga-Ta Get This Blue!' 'Glitzerland' x

Jade's recently posted cute photos of her young and with her Mum and Dad

what have your worst hair moments been? Mine was before I discovered any kind of anti frizz products lol! Look!

Look at this old pic of me as a toddler with my dad!

And this one with my mum I wasn't happy here clearly lol..