Friday, 23 December 2011

Strain puts Heidi Range’s dance partner on Ice

Strain puts Heidi Range’s dance partner on Ice

Sylvain Longchambon is out of show

Out ... Heidi Range will have a temporary partner while Sylvain recovers from injury
Out ... Heidi Range will have a temporary partner while Sylvain recovers from injury
Published: Today at 00:20

DANCING On Ice is in chaos after Heidi Range's partner Sylvain Longchambon suffered a serious injury.

The French hunk will now have to sit out the early episodes of the hit ITV1 show after damaging muscles in his right arm while rehearsing with the Sugababes singer.
It is a bitter blow for bosses who had paired newly-single Heidi — who split from her DJ fiancé Dave Berry earlier this month after eight years together — with Sylvain in the hope it would add some passion to the ice show.
But Heidi will now have to dance with a temporary partner when the latest series, presented by Phillip Schofield and new co-host Christine Bleakley, hits our screens early next month.
An insider revealed: "This is gutting news for everyone concerned.
"Heidi and Sylvain were to be the glamour couple of the new series. He hurt the muscles in his right arm while practising on the ice with Heidi. It is quite serious.
"Sylvain will be fine but it's not yet known how long he will be out.
"Producers are confident he will be able to recover in time to rejoin Heidi later in the series. But for now they are planning to draft in a standby professional skater to partner her until Sylvain is better.
"He will still be involved in the choreography but he will have to do it from the sidelines."
Cheeky producers paired Heidi with Sylvain in a bid to duplicate the sexual chemistry he had with last year's partner, Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe.
They started dating on the show and are still together and spending Christmas in France.
Insiders said Heidi and Sylvain — who had been spotted practising at a London ice rink — had been getting on famously before he was injured.
One source added: "Sylvain is one of the hunkiest professional skaters on the show and he gets a lot of female attention.
"Jennifer fell for his charms when they skated together last year and they are still together now.
"But that hasn't stopped producers wanting to recreate some of that sexual energy this year.
"Heidi is one of the most popular girls due to take part in the show and is single again after splitting from Dave Berry.
"Who knows what might happen between them? Jennifer had better keep an eye on them just in case."
Celebrities believed to be lined up for the new series include Jennifer Ellison, another former Hollyoaks star, American actor Corey Feldman, singer Chesney Hawkes and exercise guru Rosemary Conley.

Check out hotties Encore and their new video - Heatworld

Check out hotties Encore and their new video

Posted by heatworld 21 December 2011 19:34   

As you might have noticed - here at heatworld, we love a boy band. And so we got a little bit (read: a lot) excited when we heard new boys on the block Encore were releasing a debut single called Fun Last Night.

The trio - made up of Cairo Benn, Mark Asari and Pierre Jermaine, who we have mentioned a couple of times before - have decided to make this new tune their first official release and they are planning on unleashing it to the world early next year. But in the meantime, they’ve only gone and teased us with the official video and we have to say - we rather like it.

We mainly enjoyed the bits where Cairo gets his muscles out and flaunts them around in a bedroom (although he's 'arguing' with his girlfriend at the time but we didn’t really noticed that when those biceps were out) and we enjoyed a spot of star-spotting at the end when the likes of Loick Essien and Sugababe Jade Ewen (Cairo's real-life girlfriend) make an appearance (as well as a couple of other familiar musical faces).

Anyway, we predict good things for these boys in 2012 – and we predict we might not be the only ones drooling after you’ve watched this video. But that's enough rambling from us - you can watch the video yourselves and determine how fit they are. Plus, the song really is pretty catchy - so we'll be singing along to this later... probably after a few Christmas wines.