Monday, 1 August 2011

Sugababes 'Freedom' premieres in full online - Digital Spy

Sugababes 'Freedom' premieres in full online

Monday, August 1 2011, 19:23 BST
By Ryan Love, Entertainment Reporter
The Sugababes make an appearance at Cazfest 2011, England
The Sugababes' new single 'Freedom' has premiered in full online.

The track, scheduled for release on September 19, serves as the lead single for the group's currently-untitled eighth studio album.

"So raise your hands / pump your fists in the air / For free-ee-ee-ee dom-dom-dom-dom," the pop trio sing in the track's pre-chorus.

Various teasers for the song have been released since the Sugababes first debuted 'Freedom' at Mawazine Festival in Morocco in May.

A slightly remixed version of the single was also used in a Nokia mobile phone advert in June.

Sugababes recently confirmed that they have signed with Sony RCA, after leaving Island Records earlier this year.

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Watch Digital Spy's recent interview with the Sugababes below:

Sugababes Delicious sneak peak at todays photoshoot + Tweets 1.8.11

The Sugababes have just completed a 14 hour day in the studio completing two shoots with help of Make up Artist @lanslondon, Stylist @Karl_Willett and Fashion Designer @hasanhejazi . Photographer unknown at this stage.

Jade Louise Ewen
Morning! On my way to do a cover-shoot.. You'll have to wait to find out which mag it is :)

Jade Louise Ewen
Me and the girls at the shoot on a break..

Jade Louise Ewen
Looong day.. Heels are off in the back of the car.. Feeling can start to come back to my toes again.. Need my bed!

14 hrs later and two shoots down, on my way home to the sofa and my pj's x

Just got home ya'll! Soooo knackered but so happy how everything went 2day! Next... Food, BED!xxxx!!

@Amelle_berrabah Too tired to cook so enjoying cheese on ryvita, our old fave! x
Just been reading your tweets from today and i'm sooo happy that you guys are enjoying FREEDOM from radio today. You've made my day! x


Thanks to
 for the heads up and

Stephen Jarve
@jadeewenfan Here's my rip of Freedom, if you'd like to put it on your blog

for the invitation to blog, Sugababes Family of Fans working together, I love it ! I also love the Track by the sugabaes of course . Definately a number one   ~ JEF

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The new single from the Sugababes, Freedom.
Radio Edit, produced by The Invisible Men.

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Photos of Amelle at todays photoshoot 1.8.11

Amelle has taken some behind the scene photos of their magazine shoot , firstly enjoying lunch and then with Make Up Artist @Lanslondon

Amelle Berrabah
O yeah!! My lunch is good!xxx

Sugababes Busy Monday morning 1.8.11

New Fan Made Artwork looks FAB !

So far today Jade has chatted to LincsFM 102.2 and all the Sugababes are at a photoshoot for a Magazine Front cover, no news as to which one yet ~JEF

Jade Louise Ewen
Morning! On my way to do a cover-shoot.. You'll have to wait to find out which mag it is :)
Amelle Berrabah
On my way 2 the shoot. Feeling good people!xxx
Good morning all, let's start the week off with a good one. Have a lovely day x