Friday, 22 July 2011

Sugababes Reveal More "Freedom" With New Lyric Video ~ Arjan Writes

[VIDEO] Sugababes Reveal More "Freedom" With New Lyric Video

Back in June, I alerted you about Sugababes' excellent new single "Freedom" when I posted a review of the song after the group exclusively shared the track for me to hear.
Like I wrote before, Sugababes found inspiration in the edgy and melodic vocal pop that made the group such a smash act in the first place with the help of talented production team The Invisble Men and Parker & James. Serving up tight vocal harmonies and a distinct dubsteppy edge, "Freedom" is a potent, joyous and contemporary hit tune that echoes Sugababes' original pop glory.
Listen to a minute and half of the single after break that will give you a good feel for the song. "Freedom" will be released in the U.K. on September 18. (Thanks to Sugababes Daily for the heads up.)

July 22, 2011 

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