Monday, 31 October 2011

Sugababes Halloween photos from last year 2010

 The Sugababes on their "Witches" shoot for Look Magazine, looking Fab-u-lous !

Jade just before going out for the night ........... no sorry thats just before going into the studio for the "Witches " shoot for Look Magazine !

Amelle on a Bad Hair Day 30.10.11

I think I need 2 brush my hair!!! Its not looking good peeps!!

Plus I also put a question out there and Amelle Sweetly answered !~ JEF

You know is going to the jungle on Im a Celeb? As is on ice how bout + go in the jungle?
Not in a million years! Hehe! I can't stand spiders and I'm not eating no kangaroo balls!! But I love watching the show!xxx
ha ha hi hun , you would be FAB-U-LOUS with your humour, but i can understand your reluctance over the kangeroos gonads xxx