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Sugababes Fabulous Magazine Front Cover this week

Rachel Richardson
Here it is... The Sugababes as you've never seen them before on 's cover this Sat!

Sugababes Talk Female Empowerment, People Giving Them A Chance & The New Album

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We recently caught up with the Sugababes and girls discussed their new album, controversy around them and Jade's feelings about her input on the new record.

Sugababes and Nuns

Sugababes and Nuns

by Sister Julie on September 13, 2011 J.M.J.A.T.
Hanging out with nuns is pretty cool, I have to say. But don’t take my word for it (I am an aforementioned nun after all). Even a card-carrying member of the British band Sugababes thinks so too!
Singer and songwriter Heidi Range spoke to James Merrit of the Birmingham radio station BRMB and when asked what she would do if she weren’t in a “girl band,” she responded that when she was younger she wanted to “hang out” with nuns.
Have a listen to a clip with her response as well as the responsesof the other Sugababes, Amelle Berrabah (who would be a social worker to help children) and Jade Ewen (who would be a doctor).
Listen to the full interview with the Sugababes (September 7, 2011) on BRMB’s website.
Okay so she may no longer want to be a nun, but hey, that’s okay! I simply appreciate the fact that she mentioned liking the series Brides of Christ (which is truly fabulous) and that that series opened up the possibility in her mind that it would be cool to hang out with nuns. She could have made a crack about nuns (see open letter to Sinéad O’Connor) or capitalized on some ridiculous nun stereotype (see my “find the nun stereotype” quiz), but she didn’t. Thanks, Heidi!
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Join the rockin’ all-nun band and A Nun’s Life Community for prayer today at 6 p.m. CST (your time zone).

Latest Sugababes Schedule 15.9.11 + 10 Days to Freedom

The Sugababes Schedule Chart updated . Plus you can Pre Order Freedom by clicking the Sugababes New photo below ~ JEF


Sugababes - Freedom - 10 days
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UK & Ireland: Pre-order 'Freedom' now - (includes the Kris Di Angelis 'Back To 95' Remix)

Mon Aug 15th till Sun Sep 25th SUGABABES FREEDOM Available to Pre-Order from ITunes

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Sugababes- Push The Button & About You Now- Super Saturday - Fan Video

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