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Latest Sugababes Schedule 28.9.11

Don't Forget to Download your Free copy of Freedom here  or Click photo above ~ JEF

Through out Sept on The Crush

Thur Sep 1st   SUGABABES interview with Punchbowlblog
Fri Sep 2nd
Sat Sep 3rd    SUGABABES TV 8.55am Hollyoaks Music Show Interview - Channel 4
Sun Sep 4th   SUGABABES TV The Chart show Interview -Channel 4
Mon Sep 5th  SUGABABES rehearsing for Mamma Mia
Tues Sep 6th  SUGABABES Photoshoot then Interviews with OKExtraMag, Daily Star and Heatworld
Wed Sep 7th  SugababesHQ release Video of Amelle interviewing Heidi
                        SUGABABES Interview with Freshly Squeezed
                        SUGABABES Shooting Maths question for Chris Moyles
                        SUGABABES Filmed a BBC2 Documentry
                        SUGABABES Fitting for new Outfits for G.A.Y
                        SUGABABES Interview with Natalie Edwards
Thur Sep 8th  SUGABABES Jade having new hair colour done
                         SUGABABES Fitting for new Outfits for G.A.Y and Super Saturday
Fri Sep 9th     SUGABABES Rehearsal at Terminal
                        SUGABABES Soundcheck
Sat Sep 10th   SUGABABES TV 8.55am Perform on Hollyoaks Music show - Channel 4
                        SUGABABES TV 12.45pm Interview on T4 - Channel 4
                        SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE at Sainsburys Super Saturday (Clapham Common)
                        SUGABABES TV (Possibly)(4.05pm-4.35pm) Sainsburys Super Saturday - Channel 4
                        SUGABABES TV (Probably)(11.45pm-01.10am) Sainsburys Super Saturday-Channel4
                        SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE at G.A.Y
Sun Sep 11th SUGABABES TV (11.40am-01.10pm)Highlights Sainsburys Super Saturday-Channel 4
 Mon Sep 12th SUGABABES TV LIVE on This Morning ITV
Tues Sep 13th
Wed Sep 14th
Thur Sep 15th SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE at Mamma Mia at Prince of Wales Theatre London
Fri Sep 16th     SUGABABES TV Perform on 6.00pm Sam and Marks TV Show - CBBC Channel
                          JADE at London Fashion Week Shows
Sat Sep 17th
Sun Sep 18th   SUGABABES TV (Repeat ) Perform on 9.00am Sam and Marks TV Show - BBC 2
                        SUGABABES TV (Repeat ) Perform on 12.00pm Sam and Marks TV Show - CBBC
Mon Sep 19th
Tues Sep 20th
Wed Sep 21st
Thurs Sep 22nd
Fri Sep 23rd
Sat Sep 24th

Week commencing 25th Sept  Album Chart Show
Sun Sep 25th  SUGABABES release new Single Freedom on ITunes
Mon Sep 26th  SUGABABES TV (7.30pm-7.45pm ITV2) on Dave Berry's Hot Desk
Tues Sep 27th  SUGABABES TV LIVE on Daybreak (See it here)
                          AMELLE recording on Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Wed Sep 28th
Thur Sep 29th
Fri Sep 30th    SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE Clyde 1 Live (Glasgow)

Sat Oct 1st
Sun Oct 2nd  SUGABABES TV (8.50am Channel 4) on T4 BattleFront
Mon Oct 3rd AMELLE TV on Never Mind the Buzzcocks



Photo of Subababes rehearsing for Daybreak Freedom performance

 ITV Daybreak
are rocking the studio with 'Freedom' rehearsal!

Ahh, so nice to hear so many of you saying you like my dress i wore on Daybreak, it was from AQUA x

EXCLUSIVE: The Sugababes: This line-up if for keeps – We’re happier than ever! - Star Magazine

EXCLUSIVE: The Sugababes: "This line-up if for keeps – We’re happier than ever!"
The Sugababes talk exclusively to Star about ex-band members, their new record deal, boys and catfights...
~ Amelle on ex- band member Keisha: “It got hard back then [in the build-up to Keisha leaving], and it got to the point where we had to split. But that’s over with. It’s a new beginning.”
~ Jade on being back in the limelight: “It’s been two years since the line-up change, so we know each other, we’ve sung together, we’ve gigged and toured together, and now it just seems really natural to be together.”
~Amelle on whether she plans to get engaged to boyfriend Tom Benn: “I don’t know. It’s only been a year and a half. Those guys have been together for eight years! When it happens, it happens. I’d like to think he’s The One.”
~ Amelle on the tabloids’ critique of her weight: “Someone insinuated that I was a whale. I felt awful. If I even caught a glimpse of the coverage I’d be in tears.””
~ Amelle on Heidi’s boobs: “Oh my God, we’re obsessed with Heidi’s boobs. We want her to get them out all the time.”…. “She nearly knocked me out with them the other day.”

Jade asks Amelle Official Sugababes Video

Uploaded by on 29 Sep 2011

We thought we'd change up the usual format and get the girls interviewing each other for a change! Here Jade asks Amelle questions all of which have been submitted by you guys!

Follow the girls on
Heidi Range -
Amelle Berrabah -
Jade Ewen -

Jade outside ITV Studios 27.9.11 - Contact music

Amelle and I outside ITV Studios 27.9.11

Many thanks to Andy Oliver ( Check out his amazing shots on his website ) one of the photographers waiting to Pap The Sugababes outside ITV Studios after their performance of Freedom on Daybreak ~

Sugababes - Freedom Live On Daybreak - Video

Uploaded by on 27 Sep 2011

Sugababes Performing Freedom Live On Daybreak

Sugababes, Katherine Jenkins and McFly show raises £40,000 for Demelza

Katherine Jenkins and McFly show raises £40,000

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
4:37 PM

Music festival at Kings Hill cashes in

Demelza cheque presentationDemelza cheque presentation

A charity concert which featured the likes of Katherine Jenkins, McFly, The Sugababes and X Factor star Stacey Solomon raised more than £40,000 for Kent charity Demelza.The charity’s first ever music festival in June, Music on the Hill, took place in June at Kings Hill in West Malling and proved a big hit.
Now organisers are already working on plans for the next event - taking place in 2013.
Organiser Colin Thacker handed over the cash to the Sittingbourne-headquartered organisation, with the money used to fund a nurse providing hospice at home care in Kent, East Sussex or south east London.
Demelza provides support and care for life-limited children, and their families.

Sugababes - Daybreak 27/9/2011 (HD) Video of interview

Uploaded by on 27 Sep 2011

The Sugababes on the Daybreak sofa hawking their latest album looking very hot.

Heidi Range plans winter wedding - Star Magazine

Heidi Range plans winter wedding

Sugababes singer Heidi Range has revealed that she plans to wed her fiancé, TV presenter Dave Berry, in winter 2012.
Range - Wants wedding to be 'perfect'
Range - Wants wedding to be 'perfect'
She told Star magazine: "We want to do it in the winter next year. I want to make sure everything's perfect!
"I've already found the dress, so I just need to find the venue and then everything else will fall into place."
Range also said who she wanted to be her bridesmaids, and hasn't chosen fellow bandmates Amelle Berrabah or Jade Ewen.
She said: "I've always wanted my sister, my best friend, and Dave's sister."

The Wanted's Max George 'Loves Sugababes Dirty Beats'

By Shaun Kitchener On September 28, 2011

The Wanted's Max George 'Loves Sugababes Dirty Beats'

He's a fan

The Wanted's Max George 'Loves Sugababes Dirty Beats'
Photo: WENN
The Wanted singer Max George has spoken out in favour of struggling girl band Sugababes, praising their new single 'Freedom'.
The girls decided last week to make the track available for free, after it was snubbed by the majority of mainstream radio stations. The move means it is not eligible to chart.
Speaking to Digital Spy, George said: "This one is about heading out with your mates, going on a bender and having a mint time! I'd be loving this song if it came on in a club; it has dirty beats that you could go proper mental to.
"This track doesn't really sound like anything else; it's a bit of a first for a girly pop song to have such a grimey sound. I don't think it can topple Dappy's 'No Regrets' from the top, but it's a nice tune - good luck to them!"
The Wanted's new single 'Lightning' is out in November. Sugababes' 'Freedom' is out now exclusively from Amazon.

Max George: In Pictures
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We’re still proud of 7, our last album, but it was overshadowed by dramas
27th September 2011

By Kim Dawson with James Cabooter - Edited by The Sugababes

AFTER time away from the limelight we’re back with a new single called Freedom.

This is the introduction we wish we had made when Jade first joined the band.

It takes time to get to know each other and our voices are blending more now.

We think that Freedom sums up how we are feeling and the direction the album takes. It’s very up-tempo and positive.

On the video shoot, Jade was nervous about having to do a sexy scene, so Heidi suggested she had a wee tipple to help her loosen up.

She doesn’t drink very often, so she ended up a little squiffy on set.

What’s important to us more than ever are our vocals.

The new album, which will be out next year, is edgier, with lots of big choruses, and we’ve worked hard on the lyrics.

If you listen to the up-tempo ones, the words actually make sense – we don’t just have throwaway lines.

It feels like our personalities are actually part of this album. Some of the content is true, some of it’s about our friends and families and some of it is fantasy – because in music you can be whoever you want to be.

We’re still proud of 7, our last album, but it was overshadowed by dramas that were going on at the time, like the line-up change.

All its singles went Top 10, as did the album, so it was still a success, really.