Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sexy Sugababes Day at Hollyoaks Music Show

Looks like The Sugababes had a Fantastic Day in Liverpool on the Hollyoaks Music Show. All the 'babes were looking particularly radiant and below are some pics by the 'babes and Heatworld. The interview they did will be broadcast on 3rd September and the performance of "Freedom" will be shown on the 10th September.

Amelle Berrabah
Us at Hollyoaks baby!!xxx
Amelle Berrabah
Camera lady!! Wooo hooo!!xxx

Oh look, it's @Amelle_berrabah @JadeEwen & @Heidi_range looking fab at the @hollyoaks Music Show.

Jade Louise Ewen
Big earrings again! Hollyoaks performance

Jade Louise Ewen
Aw had a great time on the hollyoaks set! Look out for our performance on the 10th September! :)
Amelle Berrabah
@seanmusik The interview is on the 3rd of sept and the performance is on the 10th of september.xxxxx

Sugababes - Freedom (Makeshift Full Version Remix)

Uploaded by on 29 Jul 2011
dodgy remix/full version of Freedom, just for people who can't wait for the real deal in September :)

- I do not own or sell any of the material used in the video and i am not gaining profit from it -

everyone buy new Sugababes single 'Freedom' on September 5th (19th JEF)