Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Jade and I outside ITV Studios 27.9.11

Many thanks to Andy Oliver ( Check out his amazing shots on his website ) one of the photographers waiting to Pap The Sugababes outside ITV Studios after their performance of Freedom on Daybreak ~ JEF

Sugababes star Jade Ewen's liquid confidence - Press Party

Sugababes star Jade Ewen's liquid confidence

Sugababe Jade Ewen was so nervous about filming the suggestive video for the group's new single 'Freedom' that she had to indulge in a bit of liquid confidence to get the scenes done.
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the girls revealed that band mate Heidi Range persuaded Ewen to have a "wee tipple' in order to loosen up enough for the raunchy shoot:
"On the video shoot, Jade was nervous about having to do a sexy scene, so Heidi suggested she had a wee tipple to help her loosen up. She doesn’t drink very often, so she ended up a little squiffy on set."
They also admitted that their second single from the new record should be 'Hard' and they are trying to get their label to agree with the decision because it's a relatable anthem:
"If we get our way, the second single from the new album will be 'Hard'."
"You might think it’s a singalong but when you start listening to the lyrics you think: “Hang on a minute, it’s a cool concept. It’s called 'Hard' because its about a girl who’s been hurt in a relationship, then got into a new one and will only give so much. "
"It’s saying: 'If you’re not able to give me 100% I’ll go back to being hard, being the ice queen, keeping you at arm’s length.'"
Watch the girls perform 'Freedom' acoustically below:


Latest Sugababes Schedule 27.9.11

Don't Forget to Download your Free copy of Freedom here  or Click photo above ~ JEF

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Amelle Berrabah outside ITV Studios with a SugaArmy shout out

It's the Sugababes at Total Access with Simon Morykin

Simon Morykin
Simon Morykin
I'm giving each a donut on Total Access next! They're Krispy Kremes too!
Simon Morykin
It's week on Total Access! Hear me giving Heidi, Jade & Amelle a Krispy Kreme donut which I think describes them individually!
Simon Morykin
So I've bought Sugababes three Krispy Kreme donuts - each describes - hear what they say after 8!

Simon Morykin
Donuts were well received by ! In fact says "you're now my favourite person"! Pahaha!