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Jade Ewen with Sorapol and Friends after SORAPOL SS12 True Colours Fashion Show

Jade Ewen with Sorapol and Friends after SORAPOL SS12 True Colours Fashion Show

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21 October 2011

Heidi Range Interview with Body Confidential

Heidi Range Interview

Lynda Moyo speaks to the Sugababe about Dancing On Ice, going solo and her former band mates

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Heidi Range Interview
AS one third of the most successful female act of the 21st century according to British Hit Singles & Albums, it’s safe to say Heidi Range has always been the most likable of the wayward group.
She’s like Baby Spice was to the Spice Girls; the unassuming, non-offending, shut up and sing kinda gal. The sweet scouser who’s always managed to maintain a smile, even in the sulky Mutya and Keisha days.
“The one thing that’s remained through each line up is that it’s always been about the music and three girls who can sing. That’s how we’ve managed to survive."
But following yet another band line up change (Jade Ewen replaced Keisha Buchanan in 2009), it would seem not even the angelic Heidi has been able to stop tongues wagging about the future of the tumultuous trio, with some fans and critics alike questioning the group’s current authenticity.
Sugababes, As They Were Then...
Sugababes, As They Were Then...
And so for Heidi, Jade and Amelle - the current line up - a change has been as good as a rest of late. Amelle has been working on solo material, Jade has been modelling for lingerie brand Ultimo and Heidi starred in this year’s Dancing On Ice and is about to embark on the show’s UK arena tour.
“We’ve not started training for the tour yet, that will start after the final show” she said, “I’m going back on the ice tomorrow though because you’ve got to keep it up otherwise you lose the feeling. I don’t want to get to the tour and be like Bambi again.”
More than just a bit of extracurricular activity, Heidi’s tears as she was voted off the show in week seven, proved her passion away from the confines of the famous girl group.
As well as growing in confidence during her time in the TV competition, her new found skater's figure didn’t go unnoticed by the nation’s glaring eyes either. However, she hasn’t got any magic dietary secrets to share with us unfortunately.
“When you’re training that often you do tone up more. I try not to eat too many carbs normally, but when we were training for four hours a day you need carbs so I was actually eating more bread and pasta than usual. You actually burn more calories skating than running.”
Heidi and her new found figure
Heidi and her new found figure
Looking ahead to the final, Heidi is of course backing home girl Jennifer Ellison to win “because she’s my friend”, but she can’t help but have equal amounts of respect for all the contestants from the show because, well, that’s just the kind of girl she is.
“They’re all doing so well,” she said, “As much as you love being part of the show, it is exhausting mentally and physically. I’ve had a two week break and they’re still going every day. So whoever wins I’ll be pleased for.”
Those same diplomatic sentiments apply for her former band mates it would seem, as talk turns to the rumour of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan getting back together.
“It is true. They are reforming” she said, “But I think good luck to them. It doesn’t affect me and what I do.”
Fair point. Unless the old girls decide to go to war with Heidi, Jade and Amelle over the back catalogue and name, which Heidi admits is “our name but I don’t get into all that, our management deal with the legal stuff”, there really are little similarities to the two separate groupings - physically and vocally.
What they do share however, is the history of a band that has overcome ‘Catfights and Spotlights’ - ironically the name of their sixth studio album – to still be standing strong a decade on. But is this really still the Sugababes if there are no original members left?
“It’s Sugababes to me,” answered Heidi with no hesitation. “It’s evolved over the years. Like any job, people leave. I guess when it’s a band people are shocked by it, but over ten years people change, want different things and move on.
“The one thing that’s remained through each line up is that it’s always been about the music and three girls who can sing. That’s how we’ve managed to survive. It wasn’t about the personalities, it was about the music.”
Sugababes, As The Are Now...
Sugababes, As The Are Now...
You have to give credit to Heidi - the longest serving member of the group - for being able to defend the band she’s grown up with, without sounding like fighting talk. She’s a peach. Soft and sweet on the outside, with a tough nut in the centre, not to forget the aforementioned shapely skaters derriere of course.
The fact she doesn’t have any contact with the old members of the band and her loyalty to Amelle and Jade who both cheered her on through Dancing On Ice, confirms there’ll be no chance of any kind of Sugababes six-piece super group.
“I don’t think so. I can’t see it happening if I’m honest,” she said, with a nervous laugh.
And so to the future. Although there are no immediate plans to get back into the studio with the girls, when it does happen, we should expect the unexpected according to Heidi. The same also applies for her future solo projects.
She said: “With all of our albums we’ve never planned a direction we’ve just gone in and tried different things and seen what works.”
“My life has been Sugababes for ten years so it’s nice to do other things for a while. I don’t have anything in the pipeline but I’m open to different things. I’m focussing on Dancing On Ice, but after the tour I’ll have a think about it all. Maybe a solo career, or TV work or even theatre.”
“I just want to enjoy what I’m doing and embrace different opportunities and challenges. I feel quite excited that I can now try different things.”
Peachy-keen that Heidi Range.
The Dancing On Ice Tour kicks off in Newcastle on Friday 13 April. For full tour details and tickets click here.
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