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Afternoon Tea With Mutya Keisha Siobhan: “Flatline” Video, Suga-Fails and Mechanical Bulls

July 15th, 2013 

No Red Dress To Be Seen.
Mutya Keisha Siobhan are currently in Los Angeles to film the video for their gorgeous Dev Hynes-produced single “Flatline” but the lovely ladies took some time out of their hectic schedule to meet the media. I headed over to Toast Cafe this afternoon (July 15) more than a little excited about hanging out with the original and — obviously — the best Sugababes.
By the time I got there, MKS had already been through five hours of interviews but the girls were still happy to chat — particularly flawless English rose Donaghy, who picked my accent immediately and wanted to know more. Over the next hour or so, I found out some exciting tidbits about the new album, their Suga-history and Keisha’s plans to ride a mechanical bull. Learn 12 important facts about the realest girl band in pop history after the jump.
1. The “Flatline” video has an LA theme and will be shot, at least partly, in Venice Beach.
2. Siobhan ordered Shakshuka for lunch. It turns out she’s a foodie and raved about eating in San Sebastian.
3. The girls spent yesterday drinking sangria by the pool of their rented Hollywood Hills house.
4. They all love Sydney.
5. Their favorite Sugababes songs are “Overload” (Siobhan), “Caught In A Moment” (Keisha) and “Flatline” (Mutya).
6. When asked if there were any Suga-songs they didn’t like, Mutya volunteered “Red Dress,” while Keisha isn’t a fan of “Round Round”.
7. A new version of “Lay Down In Swimming Pools” will be on the album. Siobhan feels this song will resonate with fans of her solo work.
8. Siobhan ate a tiny chocolate muffin and fixed my camera.
9. Keisha plans to ride a mechanical bull at a bar on Sunset later this week.
10. Mutya says she had deja vu when they reunited, feeling like they had “done this all before.”
11. They are proud of their success on SoundCloud and are aware how many times their songs have been played.
12. “Flatline” will be rolled out internationally.

Amelle Berrabah Does Print For Night In London - MyDaily.co.uk

Hello Stranger! Amelle Berrabah Does Print For Night In London - But What's Happening With The Sugababes

Get updates from Ellen Stewart:

Look who it is! Amelle Berrabah was spotted out and about in London town in a *takes deep breath* multi-coloured, comic strip print, mesh panelled, high-necked, Rihanna-esque mini bodycon. Phew. And while we had to wrack our brains to remember who she was, the singer certainly had heads turning in this bold ensemble.
amelle berrabah
This got us wondering: what's going on with the rest of the babes? Ever since the original members, Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan, reformed as MKS the up-to-date Sugababes have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth.
We did some digging around, and guess what? The Sugababes are on an official break – although you’ve probably realised that for yourself what with them not actually releasing any new music for an absolute age.
Heidi Range who replaced original Siobhan, told Heat, "We've taken a break from the band, so we're not recording at the moment." And she claims there are no hard feeling between her and former bandmate Keisha (the last original to wave ta ta to the band).
"It's not awkward. I saw Keisha at V last summer and we chatted, so if I bump into her we will say hi," she said. However she didn't say anything about Mutya. We're guessing things are still a little tense in that camp.
But in Heidi's defence you should never go up agains Mutya because she's the ultimate hard girl and would ultimately become the nemesis who takes you down. Agreed?
As with all messy breakups, this is totally confusing. Too many names. Too many faces. Too much beef. So here's a quick and easy guide to the SBs...
A Brief History Of The Sugababes
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Sugababe Heidi Range has told how she dropped the pounds while appearing on Celebrity MasterChef

Weigh to go, Heidi

Heidi Range
Summer ... suga isn't an issue for Heidi Range as she reveals she wasn't tempted by her food

SUGABABE Heidi Range has told how she dropped the pounds while appearing on Celebrity MasterChef – because she spent so much time preparing food she forgot to EAT it.

The singer said: “I didn’t put weight on when I filmed MasterChef, I lost about 8lb as I couldn’t eat because I was so stressed.
“It was just my nerves and constantly being on the go. The whole time I was doing the show I was just practising cooking and I wasn’t interested in eating any of the food. It’s full-on and really intense on the days you do film.
“Luckily, I slept like a baby because I was exhausted at the end of each night.”
The series goes out on BBC1 this summer.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/5007350/Sugababe-Heidi-Range-tells-how-she-dropped-the-pounds.html#ixzz2YmpSGFMW