Friday, 12 March 2010

4Music Sugababes album launch pics

The all-new Sugababes launched their latest album Sweet 7 at the Supper Club in London's Notting Hill and we were there to snap a few pics. Don't the girls look fab?!

Sweet 7, which features their hit singles Get Sexy, About A Girl and Wear My Kiss, receives its long-awaited release on March 15th and you'll be able to listen to it for free on Monkey from Orange and 4Music.

Sugababes Front Cover Company Magazine

Jay Sean steals the show at the Asian Music Awards

Jay Sean steals the show at the Asian Music Awards

Sean is now predominantly based in New York

By Mandeep Sanghera
BBC Asian Network

Jay Sean swept the boards at the 2010 Asian Music Awards by winning every the prize for which he was nominated.

The singer took best male, best album for All or Nothing, best video for Down and best urban act at the ceremony, held in London's Royal Festival Hall.

Amar claimed the best female act, while JK was voted the best newcomer.

Other notable winners included Imran Khan for best Desi (south Asian) act, while Sukshinder Shinda earned the award for best producer.

"It's a great feeling to get four out of four," 26-year-old Sean told BBC Asian Network, and revealed he had also bagged a guest superstar for his next single.

The Sugababes were one of the main acts at the AMAs
"I've recently done a collaboration with Mary J Blige," he said. "It was incredible and we are shooting the video in London on Friday."

The Hounslow-born R&B singer generated a huge roar of approval from the crowd - along with fellow nominees Imran Khan, Jaz Dhami and Mumzy Stranger - whenever their names were mentioned.

And, even though Sean came out on top, Dhami and Khan did produce two of the highlights of the awards.

The white-suited Dhami opened the show as a grand piano and violinist provided the backdrop to his singing, while Khan put on a performance which saw him drape a snake around him as he sang a medley of his songs.

"You have to do something different to stand out in the industry and I did it," said Khan, who had a huge hit with his single Amplifier. "I loved it."

British boxer and WBA light-welterweight champion Amir Khan added: "I think that's the first time I've seen a real snake - I hate snakes as well.

"There were some crazy acts going on. I loved it. I've heard a lot about the event and, although it's the first time I've come to them, I think I'll be here again."

The Sugababes also put in a performance at the ceremony, as they revealed that they will be going to India to perform at the lucrative Indian Premier League cricket tournament.

Legal viewpoint - Who Are The Sugababes

Legal viewpoint - Who Are The Sugababes
Thursday March 11, 2010

By Christopher Barrett

Following Mutya Buena’s attempt to own the Sugababes name, IP lawyer Danielle Amor of Lovells LLP discusses the consequences that it may have for the current members of the band still known by the same name. Here Amor also examines wider issues arising from the break up of bands including rights of ownership in songs.

The Sugababes. Everyone has heard of them, but who exactly are they? Do you think of the original three, Siobhan, Keisha and Mutya? Or the current three, Heidi, Amelle and Jade?

The last of the founding three members, Keisha Buchanan, left the band in September 2009 leaving Heidi Range as the longest standing member having been in the band since 2001. The original members are now trying to assert their rights in the name and have made a joint application for a Community trade mark registration for Sugababes. If granted, the trade mark registration would give Siobhan, Keisha and Mutya the exclusive right to use and prevent anyone else from using the Sugababes name anywhere in the EU for specified goods and services including musical sound recordings, books, personal appearances by musical groups and paper gift wrap!

To further complicate matters, Keisha has launched a High Court action against former fellow bandmates Heidi and Amelle. It is not yet clear what this relates to, but it may have an impact on the imminent release of the Sugababes' new album.

Where does this leave the current line-up? The girls and/or their label could oppose the application on the grounds of their prior rights in the name. Heidi has been in the group for nine years, whereas Siobhan was a member for just three years and Mutya left the group in 2005.

In the UK, musical groups are usually regarded as "partnerships" which are dissolved when a member leaves. The changing membership of the Sugababes will have created a number of different partnerships. Assets of the group, such as the name, are owned by the partnership rather than the individual members. Upon dissolution of a partnership, the band members are entitled to a share of the value of the assets.

Siobhan and Mutya probably abandoned any interest they had in the Sugababes name and goodwill when they left, as they have made no attempts to assert their rights since then. The position is less clear in relation to Keisha who only recently split from the band, although she too would not have direct rights in the name. If the EU Trade Marks Registry were to adopt the same approach as the UK courts, the trade mark application should be refused if an opposition was brought by Heidi, Amelle or the record label, possibly even on the grounds that the application was made in bad faith.

However, the High Court action is less clear cut and potentially more of an issue for the band. If Keisha is asserting her partnership rights and requesting the value of the assets be divided, the band may have to choose between fighting a costly (and potentially lengthy) legal battle, rebranding completely (with the associated possible negative impacts on their fanbase and goodwill) or paying Keisha a lump sum to continue using the name.

And it's not only names that bands fight over - Busted, Spandau Ballet and Procul Harum are just a few bands who have had legal disputes relating to the rights in their songs. Such disputes are usually resolved with reference to partnership and copyright laws, although much like a pre-nup, it makes sense for bands to consider legal issues from day one even if it feels a bit awkward at the time. For example, new bands should take the following steps:

• Put in place a written agreement dealing with ownership of the band name, goodwill, rights in songs and royalty payments as well as what will happen when the band split.

• Apply for registered trade marks in relevant jurisdictions asap.

• Conclude new agreements when any members leave/join the group.

• Be aware that record labels are likely to request an assignment of rights when signing new acts.

Danielle Amor is an associate in the intellectual property, media and technology practice of the law firm Lovells LLP.

Sugababes - Sweet 7 Track By Track: Wear My Kiss

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Sugababes songs from their newest album "Sweet 7" track by track talk through. These are one minute interviews about the songs from the album. This video is about "Wear My Kiss", the second single.

Sugababes - Sweet 7 Track By Track: Thank You for The Heartbreak

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Sugababes songs from their newest album "Sweet 7" track by track talk through. These are one minute interviews about the songs from the album. This video is about "Thank You for The Heartbreak".

Sugababes - Sweet 7 Track By Track: Miss Everything (Feat. Sean Kingston)

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Sugababes songs from their newest album "Sweet 7" track by track talk through. These are one minute interviews about the songs from the album. This video is about "Miss Everything (Feat. Sean Kingston)".

Sugababes - Sweet 7 Track By Track: Little Miss Perfect

Sugababes - Sweet 7 Track By Track: Little Miss Perfect

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Sugababes songs from their newest album "Sweet 7" track by track talk through. These are one minute interviews about the songs from the album. This video is about "Little Miss Perfect".

Sugababes will fold if anyone else quits

Andrei Harmsworth -Sugababes will fold if anyone else quits

The Sugababes have warned fans that their current line-up is the last throw of the dice – their band will not survive any more shake-ups.
Long-standing member Heidi Range has admitted that if current bandmates Jade Ewen or Amelle Berrabah buckle, the group would be dust.

Her comment comes just a week after a legal battle was launched by its founding members to seize the Sugababes name.

‘We’ve said if something happened again we wouldn’t carry on the band with someone else. This is it,’ said 26-year-old Range.

Ewen ousted Keisha Buchanan in a bitter pop coup at the end of last year and now the group faces a legal bid from its first line-up.

It emerged last week that Mutya Buena, Siobhan Donaghy and Buchanan have applied to the European Trademarks Authority to use the name they created in 1998.

And now new recruit Ewen has revealed she has struggled to find her footing amid all the chaos. ‘The loyal fans weren’t so willing to embrace me.'

'People shouted abuse at me in the street. I remember thinking, “Maybe I’ve made a mistake”,’ the 22-year-old told Company magazine.

And, by the sounds of things, a few fresh spats are looming if Berrabah’s public jibes about Range’s figure are anything to go by.

The 25-year-old told the fashion magazine: ‘Heidi’s always on a diet and works out all the time – she almost has to, bless her heart.’

And she kept on digging a hole for herself, adding: ‘I’d never understood that before. When I ballooned, I was like, “Heidi mate, I’m so sorry about complaining about how skinny I was!” But everyone has lumps and bumps. I’ve got cellulite, who cares?’

We’re sure Heidi feels great now, luv!

Read more revelations in the April edition of Company magazine, out tomorrow.

Sugababes Updated Upcoming Events

Sugababes Latest Schedule :-


Fri 12/03/2010 BBC 1 Breakfast News 8.40am
Fri 12/03/2010 UK Eurovision show on 12th March 8.30pm to 10pm. Sugababes will be the only act to perform to 6 million viewers. Jade Ewen will be on the judging panel
Fri 12/03/2010 Album Sweet 7 Release Date in GERMANY, NETHERLANDS
Sat 13/03/2010 Company Magazine "Sugababes " Issue

MON 15/03/2010 Album ‘SWEET 7’ UK Release Date March 15th

Tues 16/03/2010 Album Sweet 7 Release Date in CANADA
Wed 17/03/2010 Press the Red Button from any BBC TV channel and select 'Asian Music Awards' from Wednesday 17th March
(Sky & Virgin: Wednesday 17th March, 6pm - Wednesday 24th March, 4am Freeview: Wednesday 17th March, 6pm - Friday 19th March, 12pm
Friday 19th March, 1pm - 6.45pm & 9.10pm - 8.50am (20th)
Saturday 20th March, 11.10am - 2.20pm & 6.10pm - 9.50pm
Sunday 21st March, 1.10am - 1.35pm & 4.15pm - Wednesday 24th March, 4am)
(not available on Freesat)

Thurs 18/03/2010 Capital Radio session confirmed
Fri 19/03/2010 Appearing on TV on The Alan Titchmarsh show 5.00-6.00pm
Fri 19/03/2010 Global Radio Live , Brighton


Sun 25/04/2010 IPL (India Premier League ) Cricket closing ceremony on April 25th (INDIA) confirmed

Sat 01/05/2010 Camden Crawl . Roundhouse
Sun 02/05/2010 Rock 4 Life ,Whiteness, Inverness, Scotland

Sat 03/07/2010 Sound music festival at Netherdale in Galashiels.
Sat 21/08/2010 V Festival or
Sun 22/08/2010 V Festival (This year's V Festival will take place at Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire over the weekend of August 21 to August 22. Tickets are on sale from this Friday 5th March.)

Upcoming Events