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DesiHits Sweetens UK AMAs with Sugababes Performance

DesiHits! Sweetens UK AMAs with Sugababes Performance!
DesiHits! is set on making sure your UK AMAs experience will be out of this world! The UK Asian Music Awards will be held this year at the Royal Festival Hall on London's Southbank on March 11.

And thanks to DesiHits! you can have the night of a lifetime!

Not only are we bringing the sexy and talented girls from the Sugababes to sweeten up the event with a hot performance, we are also giving you the chance to win a trip to London to see the show!

If you are the lucky winner, you will receive two tickets to the show where you and a friend will have exclusive access to the UK AMA Media Lounge!

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll get the chance to mingle with your favorite stars, like A.R. Rahman, Imran Khan, Jay Sean and many more!

For a chance to win a trip to London to attend the UK AMAs, click here.

Amelle Sugababes Sweet7 launch

Sugababe Amelle Berrabah cuts it with electric blue hair
By Chris Johnson
Last updated at 2:20 PM on 04th March 2010

Not content with her edgy undercut, Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah has put steaks of electric blue through her hair.
The 25-year-old debuted her new style as she attended the launch party for the band's brand new album, Sweet 7, at The Supper Club in London last night.
It comes as the group's seventh studio album and is the first one released with newest member Jade Ewen's vocals on it.
New look: Amelle Berrabah debuts her blue hairstyle in London last night

Originally it was set for release last November, but was put back after Keisha Buchanan's shock exit from the chart-topping group.
After joining the band in 2005, Amelle has experimented with a range of hair styles.

She started off with long straight tresses, before experimenting with crimped hair in 2007.
Then last year she had the dramatic undercut style, which she has added the blue dye to.

Posing here with fellow Sugababes Jade Ewen, left, and Heidi Range at the launch party of their latest album, Sweet 7, at The Supper Club last night

Meanwhile, ex Sugababe Mutya Buena, who was replaced by Amelle when she left in 2005, has applied for legal ownership of the group's name.

She appealed to the European Trademarks Authority for permission, the BBC reported.

Buena recently complained that the name no longer makes sense because none of the original members now remain in the line-up.

Buena said at the time: 'It just means the Sugababes have ended because there are no original people remaining.'
The current Sugababes line-up consists of Amelle, Heidi Range, who replaced Siobhán Donaghy in 2001, and Jade, who replaced Keisha last year.

Amelle's changing hair styles: Starting out: Amelle with long straight hair, left, pictured in 2006, a year after joining the Sugababes, and right a year later with crimped hair

Versatile: The singer had an undercut in 2009, left, which she wears in various ways, swept over to one side, or with parting, as seen right, last week

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Yurges Sweet 7 Launch Party Vid Part 1

SugaBabes 'Sweet7' Album Launch Party (Part 1)

Yurges attended the SugaBabes Sweet7 album Launch party that the sugababes had =D
had allot of fun this is part one and part two will be up soon =) i didnt wanna make only one part so i decided to make two cuz i was so close to the stage and i loved it so much had a fab time and i truly love the babes. go out and get the SWEET7 album when its out =D xxx

- Yurges xoxo

More Magazine at the Sugababes Sweet7 Launch

More magazine's Photos - Look who more! got to party with last night...

1)Jade gets the crowd singing along!

2)Heidi and Julia chat about her engagement to XFM's Dave Berry at the after party.

3)more!'s Julia meets the gorgeous Jade Ewen

4)Get Sexy Right Now !

5)All three of the girls look and sound absolutely amazing. The crowd was going wild - and more! were too.

6)Heidi's dress is from The Stolen Girlfriends Club...we want one!!

7)look how close we were!

8)check out that rock!

The Sugababes rocked it!

The Sugababes rocked it!
Posted by Catherine Bennion-Pedley, features team on 04/03/2010

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Oh our heads this morning... we had another late one! That's because we partied our stilettos off with the Sugababes for their Sweet 7 album launch party last night. Company's editor Victoria and I headed down to the Supper Club in London's very fashionable Notting Hill to be greeted with champagne and apple martini cocktails and a crazy man with a badge-making machine! Genius! (In case you're curious, Victoria opted for a picture badge of little Simon from Corrie while I showed my support with a ‘Babes badge).

Next we were treated to a lovely dinner sitting on a giant bed (yes the club is decked out with big white beds that have little mini tables in the middle), while magician Dynamo (who recently performed at Jay-Z's Brits After-Party no less) did some out-of-this-world card tricks. He was incredible.

Anyway here's what the Sugababes served us for tea...

•Spicy Indian Split Pea Soup with Parsley Foam And A Curry Brikwat

•Chicken Teriyaki Ying and Tang Crushed Potato Steamed Curly Kale

•White Chocolate Dome, Rhubarb Compote, Dark Chocolate Tuile

But of course the best part of the night was when Amelle, Jade and Heidi stormed the stage, entering to one of our all-time faves, Freak, and performed ten of our favourite Babes songs. They properly rocked out, here's the set list


•Hole In The Head

•Wear My Kiss

•Too Lost In You

•Crash and Burn (from the new album Sweet 7)


•About A Girl

•Push The Button

•Get Sexy

•About You Now

Naturally we sang along to every song, and the new line-up sounded incredible together. Jade apparently had got a little emotional before the gig, because it's her first album, and all three thanked the crowd for their support. It really means everything to them.

It was particularly lovely to see the girls again after our cover shoot last month and they're very excited about seeing themselves on Company's cover (their first mag cover as the new trio). Check out the April issue of Company, out next week! They look AMAZING! And share all their gossip...

Sugababes - Sugababes Change Track For Young Fans

Sugababes - Sugababes Change Track For Young Fans

Sugababes Change Track For Young Fans
British girl band SUGABABES have changed the lyrics of a new song in a bid to discourage youngsters in the U.K. from binge drinking.

The trio's track She's A Mess, from their upcoming album Sweet 7, was originally titled I'm A Mess, but the group decided to change the words over fears it would encourage excessive alcohol consumption among influential teenagers.

Heidi Range tells Britain's Daily Star, "The original line was 'I’m such a mess' but we were worried we were encouraging binge drinking so we decided to change it. There are some lyrics that are quite cheeky but people shouldn’t take them seriously."

The band's new album hits stores in the U.K. later this month (Mar10) after a controversial line-up change last year (09) - which saw founding member Keisha Buchanan axed from the group - pushed back the release by over six months.

Sugababes deny Mutya Buena name row

Sugababes deny Mutya Buena name row
Page last updated at 8:43 GMT, Thursday, 4 March 2010
Sugababes were formed in 1998 with six UK number one singles so far

The current members of Sugababes say there is no row over who owns the name of their group.

Mutya Buena, who was a founder member of the group but left in 2005, has applied for ownership of the Sugababes' brand.

That would mean she would be able to put the name on things like CDs, DVDs and books.

But, speaking at the launch of Sugababes' new album Sweet 7 on Wednesday night, Heidi Range said she wasn't expecting it to come to anything.

"Our record company own the name Sugababes," she said. "So there's no conversions about who owns the name.

"I signed to Universal Records eight-and-a-half years ago with Mutya and Keisha as the Sugababes, so we've still got the name."

Mutya Buena, 24, has asked the European Trademarks Authority to rule on her case but a decision isn't expected for months.

But 26-year-old Heidi Range and former British Eurovision contestant Jade Ewen, 22, say they don't want to get caught up in it.

Heidi said: "I don't know whether it's just the press kicking up a bit of a fuss but nothing that we're aware of.

"It would be nice for it to be a bit more positive but it's to be expected," Jade added. "We can't even blame anybody for feeling the way they do."

The group signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation last April and were due to release their seventh studio album in November.

But after the departure of founding member Keisha Buchanan, 25, her vocals were re-recorded by Jade Ewen.

Sugababes Launch - My Blog

Ok here goes my story of the Sugababes Launch in the evening of 3rd March 2010 .

Well the day started chaotic with lots to do and places to go, before getting ready to get to the Supperclub.

Last Saturday I had done a trial run to find the supperclub ,(Situated under the M40 flyover)to make sure I wouldn't get lost on Wednesday Night . Well I got lost alright and had to look at my A to Z (Yes i know I need a SatNav!) 3 times , until I found a road very near to the club. I thought we would never find it and be late for the Sugababes !!

The night was freezing cold, as my wife and I are not in the first flush of youth !We were wrapped up like extras from Dr.Zhivago, ahead of us in the queue (why are there always queues?)Were lots of the beautiful people you expect to go to clubs like this in the skimpiest of clothes and shortest of short sleeved shirts (Oh those were the days ! Didn't worry about lumbago or double pneumonia in those days !).

Anyway passed through security and ladies with clip boards , very effient !
Then once inside, the heat and noise was excellent and we were welcomed by a very big friendly man all in white ( Host/Greeter ?)who openned doors and obviously took pity on the two "oldies".
Oh yes i nearly forgot we were also given Sugababes drink tokens, both wondering if they made a nice cup of tea at the bar , but decided on alcohol instead. (Well be a shame not to ).

Once inside the Dance floor area we looked up and saw the balcony overlooking the stage , and I thought that would be a brilliant place to see all the action that Jade, Amelle and Heidi would provide with their routines.
Well we squeezed our way to where the stage was and got a seat on the beds (The whole room is lined with white linen covered beds with tables with drinks on )
We thought this very handy if we needed to nap later !

Well as my Mrs was being chatted to by some young men sitting next her (asking why we were there , obviously we looked out of place amongst the younguns !)They were told that i was BIG Jade Ewen and Sugababes Fan (not a surprise to you dear reader I know ).He then said it was so great that the Sugababes attracted a wide age range of supporters , and wished his Dad had come too. (OK yes that did make me feel OLD ).

Back to the action , the clock was ticking , The Sugababes would be here very soon , what do we do? Stay where we were or go upstairs . I asked another friendly Security guy (Guarding a door , that obviously no one was getting in or out of without a lot of trouble )can we go up to the Balcony area to watch and he said yes, the entrance is opposite.

The Mrs gets up to go , whilst I double check with Syliva from the Supperclub (Lovely girl, more later about her). Now she says you cant go up unless you have silver wristbands , well the Mrs does have tons of silver bracelets on but not one silver wristband between us. So i stay and the lovely Sylvia very kindly goes and gets the Mrs back for me , don't want to lose our treasured spot not as she informed me that , we are in the best place to get close to the sugababes, as they will be entrancing through that guarded door, right passed us to get to the stage . RESULT I thought !

Soon after that the music gets louder the lights grow dimmer and all attention is on the doorway as ...@DJSarahJane DJ Sarah Jane Crawford walks through and for a second we thought that is was Jade !
Sarah Jane was there to introduce the Band , but to be truthful from where we were standing couldn't really hear what she said.
Will have video of her here somewhere!

Sarah Jane looked very fit by the way !

Well after another wait the Sugababes came through the door to a tumultuous screams, applause and flashing lights.Jade Amelle and Heidi all looked stunningly beautiful as they trooted past us and then we started to enjoy the show.
The play list is here

We clapped well when i wasnt taking photos or videos ,and shouted and waved but unfortunately due to our position next to the guitarist , and behind the speakers , most of the girls voices were unheard. We knew the words anyway and we saw them perform live and from the videos I have seen on youtube (with good sound) , they sounded amazing . So coming to the end Heidi was the first off the stage and got grabbed by the guys we were chatting to earlier, next off was Jade. Jade was again grabbed by the 3 guys , well this was my moment , even though the 3 Security Guys were trying get the girls off and backstage as quickly as possible , I shouted to her (Still very loud music going on) that i was JADEEWENFAN ! Her face lit up and she she said "Thank you for all your support , I really appreciate it " and with that I got a BIG HUG and our cheeks brushed . SWEET !
It may sound daft but that really made my day , week, month , year.
A lot of dreadful days have passed by personally for my Mrs. and I , but I always try to stay as positive as much as I can when things go wrong . Days like this are worth treasuring and remembering for the rest of my life.Oh and the Mrs. wasn't jealous of Jade at all , she knows Jade is a sweet loving girl and loves her and the Sugababes almost as much as I do ! (Hasn't got much choice ha ha ).

Then the Sugababes were gone to the dressing rooms and to do backstage interviews and meet with friends and family and stuff. By now we were parched , so went back to the bar . Whilst sipping our drinks , I remembered some of the guys saying from the afternoon Launch party that they had received posters, but tonight , no posters were around . Oh well I thought why not try my luck and ask the lovely Sylvia who was chatting to one of the Sugababes entourage luckily enough . She said she would ask and within 2 minutes managed to find a signed poster for me !! (Up on my office door already !)

So with that treasure under my arm and group hug on the way out from the Host/Greeter, we were on our way home we huge smiles on our Faces .

So thanks to Amelle
and of Jade for making an old man very happy :-)

My Photos from old Camera at Sugababes Sweet 7 launch

My Photos from Mobile Sugababes Eve launch Sweet 7

Two pix from Evening sugababes launch

Sugababes - Too Lost In You (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

Sugababes - Too Lost In You (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

Sugababes - Wear My Kiss (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

Sugababes - Wear My Kiss (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

Sugababes - Hole In The Head (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

Sugababes - Hole In The Head (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

Sugababes singing Ugly at the BBC Showcase 2010 In Brighton

Sugababes singing Ugly at the BBC Showcase 2010 In Brighton

Bliss interview with Sugababes

Bliss interview with Sugababes

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 Push The Button, finale, live, Supper Club

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 Push The Button, finale, live, Supper Club

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 Here Come The Girls, live, Supper Club, West London

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 Here Come The Girls, live, Supper Club, West London

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 About A Girl, live, Supper Club, West London

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 About A Girl, live, Supper Club, West London

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 Freak Like Me

Sugababes Sweet 7 Album Launch Party 03/03/2010 Freak Like Me, live, with Introduction. Opening. Supper Club, West London

Sugababes Lunch Launch Party vid

Sugababes - Too Lost In You (Live at Sweet 7 Album Launch Party)

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