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Sugababes Feat. Bigz - Freedom (The ThundaCatz Remix)

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Sugababes Get Bi-Sexy In “Freedom” Video - Idolator

Sugababes Get Bi-Sexy In “Freedom” Video

Sugababes Freedom music videoWe’ve already declared our extreme like for Sugababes’ slinky new single “Freedom.” Now the UK trio’s music video for the electro jam has found its way online, and in it the girls gyrate their way through a club while bumping on boys and girls (mostly girls). It all comes off a bit desperate. Was it really necessary for Heidi, Amelle and Jade to cheapen such a fun song with a “sex sells” video? We’ll let you decide. Watch the lusty display below.

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Sugababes Want Their Own XFactor Week

Sugababes Want Their Own XFactor Week

The Sugababes have revealed that they would love to have their own X Factor theme week.
The singing trio, who are releasing their new single ‘Freedom’ said they would like a week on the talent show to be dedicated to their success, which includes seven studio albums and 26 top 40 singles.
“We’d like the Sugababes week on X Factor,” said band member Heidi Range.
“And then we could perform at the end of that week,” Amelle Berrabah continued
”We’d be like, ‘Yeah, oh I think you’ll find that harmony actually goes like this’.” Added Jade Ewen

New Video: Sugababes – ‘Freedom’ - ThatGrapeJuice

New Video: Sugababes – ‘Freedom’

sugababes 12 e1308053664741 New Video: Sugababes   Freedom
It’s finally here! The Sugababes‘ latest line-up assert their ‘Freedom’ in the video for their first original offering for new label RCA (Sony Music).
Check out Amelle, Heidi, and Jade in action below…

Hmm. What needed to be a “ball out of the park” scenario, instead generates a fresh set of question marks surrounding this line-up. For, despite boasting slick and gloss in abundance, the video seems to build towards something, only to deliver varying degrees of ‘nothing’. Case, point, example, the Dub-Step breakdown. Much of the clip saw the ladies “smize” away in front of wind-machines and the like. Yet when it really mattered (the classic video “breakdown”), the whole shabang somewhat fizzled.
As such, new member Jade Ewen steals the show in yet another uneventful showing from the group collectively. Her leg-lift gave life!
Luckily for the ladies, though, the song is a winner. Whether this will be enough to negate the misgivings of its lacking (yet decent enough) video, will be interesting to see.

Sugababes interview: "It's a fresh start for everyone" - Video - Digital Spy

Sugababes interview: "It's a fresh start for everyone" - Video

Monday, August 8 2011, 10:40 BST
By Robert Copsey, Music Reporter and Tom Mansell, Multimedia Producer
After seven albums, 26 singles and four lineup changes, things fell worryingly silent in camp Sugababes after the lukewarm reception to last year's Sweet 7 LP. Whisperings suggested that the band had lost their long-standing record deal, but the pop juggernaut instead emerged triumphant with a three-album contract at new label Sony. Armed with a stadium-sized single in the form of 'Freedom' and readying their next opus, we caught up with Heidi, Jade and Amelle to find out what we can expect.

The Sugababes release 'Freedom' on September 18.

Watch our interview with the Sugababes below:

Listen to a preview of the Sugababes' 'Freedom' below:

Sugababes - Sugababes' More Personal Album - Contact Music

Sugababes - Sugababes' More Personal Album

09 August 2011 06:47:32
Sugababes picture

Sugababes' More Personal Album

Sugababes' new album will be less ''Americanised'' and more revealing of the personalities of Jade Ewen, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah who make up the group.
Sugababes' new album will be more revealing of the groups' personalities.

The 'Red Dress ' group - comprised of Jade Ewen, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah -had a great deal of input into the writing of their latest, as-yet-untitled record, and feel it is less "Americanised" than their last album, 'Sweet 7'.

Heidi said: "'Sweet 7' was more Americanised. That was never the intention, but we recorded the whole album in America, and I think that definitely shows on the record. This is a big more of a mix of the people we were working with, it's not just people from there.
Jade added to website DigitalSpy: "With this album you definitely get more of a sense of us as a line up, and the influences, and us in the studio and the things we want to talk about and express how we feel. Which is good for us as well, because when you perform a track you want to feel and believe it, and if you don't believe it, then the audience members won't - they'll see right through it.
The group have described the sound of the record as "big" and "epic" and say they have hit a creative peak while making it.
Jade said: "We've pretty much finished the album, we just don't want to stop yet. We keep going until the last minute, that way we can cherry pick the best songs, and sometimes when you're on a creative roll, you don't want to stop - once you get into the routine of it, you always get these last minute gems."

Heidi added: "I remember with 'Push the Button' it was the very last thing we had done, we thought we had the first single, and everything. It's funny how it works."
The Sugababes new single 'Freedom' will be released on September 18.

Sugababes - Freedom - Johnson Somerset & John Monkman Official remix 2011

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