Tuesday, 16 March 2010

'Seven Reasons Why I Love The Sugababes' Competition Winner!

'Seven Reasons Why I Love The Sugababes' Competition Winner!
16th March 2010

Thanks for taking part everyone! We've had some amazing answers come through to us here at SugababesHQ for this one but we could only pick one winner!

A big congratulations to Bree Emmerson and her lovely answer below:

Seven Reasons Why I Love The Sugababes:

1) From "Overload" to "Crash and Burn" - I've followed them all the way.
They've grown and changed, just as I have through life, supplying me the
support and strength through lyrics and music that I've needed.
2) Regardless of line-up changes, the talent, looks and styles just get
better and better.
3) Amelle went skydiving (which I did last year) for cancer research,
something also close to my heart.
4) Heidi, Amelle and Jade are actually extremely funny. Always making me
laugh during interviews.
5) The girls aren't afraid to speak out and stand up for themselves.
6) Sugababes listen to what their fans have to say!
7) Um... have you looked at these girls? They are freaking

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