Friday, 29 July 2011

Busy Day at the BBC for The Sugababes

So The Sugababes spent the morning rehearsing and then popped over to the BBC to record two shows , one of which is Sam and Marks Friday Night Wind Up going out on 16th September. Make up by Lan and style by Karl Willett . Tomorrow they are off to Liverpool to perform on the Hollyoaks Music show (Thanks for the heads up @Sugarpie91)

JadeEwen :About to perform at BBC for sam and marks big Friday wind up! 

Lan Make Up Artist  Jade Ewen Pretty two toned lips!

 Lan Make Up Artist The Sugababes looking funky in their colourful outfits at the BBC! Kept makeup quite fresh and statement lips

JadeEwen : Performing freedom.. 

JadeEwen :Me and the girls in the dressing room before we went on x

Jade Louise Ewen
Aw that was fun! Performed freedom for the 2nd eva time! Looking forward to u guys seeing it in September.. Home now, off to Liverpool 2mo!
Amelle Berrabah
All done!!! Went great!!! The show is called Sam and Mark's friday night wind up and is on the tele on 16th sept! Woo hooo!!!xxxx
From Sam and Mark's Blog

Wind Up!

Monday, July 25, 2011
So guys this is a rather exciting week coming up for Sam and myself as we start filming our brand new series called “Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind Up”! It’s a pre-recorded show that goes out in September so really it’s taking over our TMi time slot which is great because we certainly do a little nod to TMI and the tmi-ers involved during the show!!
I’m not gonna lie to you the set design is a little vain on our part but we’re absolutely over the moon with it and really can’t wait for you guys to see it!! If you’re following us on Twitter you may have had a sneaky peak!

The Wanted slam JLS as lightweights and mock One Direction

The Wanted slam JLS as lightweights and mock One Direction

The Wanted have made fun of fellow boyband JLS claiming they can't handle their drink and also made a dig at One Direction slamming them as has-beens.

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Max George
The Wanted
The Wanted have been mouthing off about JLS and One Direction (Getty)
Max George claimed JLS were insecure because they were so eager to prove their dance skills the moment they had a few drinks in them.
'JLS say they can drink, but they can’t,' he told the Daily Star.
'Give them four glasses of champagne and all they do is take their tops off and start prancing around having a dance-off.
'It’s true. Maybe it’s an insecurity about how long they will last.'
The singer also slated X Factor act One Direction saying they were no longer popular.
'We are glad we are not an X Factor band. One Direction, where are they now?
'It’s nice that we are a band who started with nothing. The X Factor is just for that moment and we did not want to be trapped.'
The Wanted seem to have changed their tune - last year they were eager to pal up with JLS and duet with them.
Tom Parker told 'You know how Girls Aloud did a duet with Sugababes? I want to do one like that but with JLS.
‘Girls Aloud and Sugababes are quite different and I think that JLS, because they’re so different to us, would be a good thing to mix up.
‘And if we did it for charity, loads of people would buy it and then maybe we could get another number one!’

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