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Sugababes and Bucks Fizz – a potent brew

Sugababes and Bucks Fizz – a potent brew

    September 13 2011

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      There has been press coverage recently of separate trademark disputes between current and former members of both of these bands. Although the details of each of the disputes were different, the issues in each case were broadly the same:
      • the original band members were unhappy that they couldn’t secure the trademark rights in the band’s name; and
      • the ownership of the trademarks only became an issue long after the bands had been formed and goodwill had been created in the names.
      In the case of Bucks Fizz, the "Bucks Fizz" trademark is owned by a band member who was not in the original line-up (and who was not a member of the all-conquering Eurovision Song Contest winning band in 1981). The trademark was granted in 2001. Three of the original band members from the 1980s were unsuccessful in a recent challenge, considered by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The original members claimed that they should have the right to use the Bucks Fizz name (calling themselves "The Original Bucks Fizz"), and that the later band member should have her right to use the Bucks Fizz name withdrawn. The IPO disagreed.
      In the case of the Sugababes, the "Sugababes" trademark is owned in the UK by Universal Island Records in the area of musical recordings and sound reproduction. However, one of the original band members (who left the band in 2005) recently challenged Universal’s right to use the name. The challenge was only partly successful, and the original band member secured the right to use the "Sugababes" name in the area of paper and cardboard goods, including wrapping paper and greetings cards. Whether this turns out to be a valuable trademark remains to be seen, but it would seem to be of less use than the right to use the name in the area of music.
      What can we learn from these disputes?
      • when starting a new business, whether a band or anything else, give some thought to protecting the name of the business and how the right to use the name is going to be shared amongst the various individuals. This may not seem important at the time, but as Bucks Fizz and the Sugababes have demonstrated, these names can become valuable assets; and
      • remember that the same trademark can be used in different areas. Therefore having the right to use a trademark in (for example) the music industry will not automatically give the right to use it on clothes, perfumes and other such merchandise.

      Latest Sugababes Schedule 14.9.11 + 11 Days to Freedom

      The Sugababes Schedule Chart updated . Plus you can Pre Order Freedom by clicking the Sugababes New photo below ~ JEF


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      UK & Ireland: Pre-order 'Freedom' now - (includes the Kris Di Angelis 'Back To 95' Remix)

      Mon Aug 15th till Sun Sep 25th SUGABABES FREEDOM Available to Pre-Order from ITunes
      Thur Aug 18th SUGABABES Press Interviews
      Fri Aug 19th SUGABABES TV Interviews including The Hot Desk with Dave Berry + MTV
      Mon Aug 22nd to Fri Aug 26th SUGABABES begin a Week of Radio Interviews
      Sat Aug 27th SUGABABES Interview to be played on Gaydar Radio
      Sun Aug 28th SUGABABES PERFORM at Manchester Pride - Manchester
      Mon Aug 29th
      Tues Aug 30th
      Wed Aug 31st SUGABABES Press Interviews + Children In Need Interview
                               SUGABABES Visiting Radio 1
                               SUGABABES Photoshoot with FABULOUS MAGAZINE
                               JADE EWEN's DAD's TREVOR BIRTHDAY
      Through out Sept on The Crush
      Thur Sep 1st   SUGABABES interview with Punchbowlblog
      Fri Sep 2nd
      Sat Sep 3rd    SUGABABES TV 8.55am Hollyoaks Music Show Interview - Channel 4
      Sun Sep 4th   SUGABABES TV The Chart show Interview -Channel 4
      Mon Sep 5th  SUGABABES rehearsing for Mama Mia
      Tues Sep 6th  SUGABABES Photoshoot then Interviews with OKExtraMag, Daily Star & Heatworld
      Wed Sep 7th  SugababesHQ release Video of Amelle interviewing Heidi
                              SUGABABES Interview with Freshly Squeezed
                              SUGABABES Shooting Maths question for Chris Moyles
                              SUGABABES Filmed a BBC2 Documentry
                              SUGABABES Fitting for new Outfits for G.A.Y
                              SUGABABES Interview with Natalie Edwards
      Thur Sep 8th  SUGABABES Jade having new hair colour done
                               SUGABABES Fitting for new Outfits for G.A.Y and Super Saturday

      Fri Sep 9th     SUGABABES Rehearsal at Terminal
                              SUGABABES Soundcheck

      Sat Sep 10th   SUGABABES TV 8.55am Perform on Hollyoaks Music show - Channel 4
                              SUGABABES TV 12.45pm Interview on T4 - Channel 4
                              SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE at Sainsburys Super Saturday (Clapham Common)
                              SUGABABES TV (Possibly)(4.05pm-4.35pm) Sainsburys Super Saturday - Channel 4
                              SUGABABES TV (Probably)(11.45pm-01.10am) Sainsburys Super Saturday-Channel4
                              SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE at G.A.Y
      Sun Sep 11th SUGABABES TV (11.40am-01.10pm)Highlights Sainsburys Super Saturday-Channel 4

      Mon Sep 12th SUGABABES TV LIVE on This Morning
      Tues Sep 13th
      Wed Sep 14th
      Thur Sep 15th SUGABABES Perform Live at Mama Mia at Prince of Wales Theatre London
      Fri Sep 16th   SUGABABES TV Perform on Sam and Marks TV Show

      Week commencing 25th Sept  ITV2 Hot Desk + Album Chart Show

      Sun Sep 25th  SUGABABES release new Single Freedom on ITunes
      Mon Sep 26th
      Tues Sep 27th  SUGABABES TV LIVE on Daybreak
      Wed Sep 28th
      Thur Sep 29th
      Fri Sep 30th    SUGABABES PERFORM LIVE Clyde 1 Live (Glasgow)
      January           SUGABABES TV DOCUMENTARY on BBC2

      Two New Videos :Sugababes performing Freak like Me + Red Dress Live at G.A.Y. 10.9.11

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      Sugababes opening their setlist at G-A-Y with their 2002 #1 hit single Freak Like Me.

      Sugababes - Freak Like Me at G-A-Y 10/09/2011 [Live]

      Sugababes performing Red Dress at G-A-Y, including a cringe-inducing pun by Jade at the end. Enjoy!

      Sugababes - Red Dress at G-A-Y 10/09/2011 [Live]

      Sugababes: This Morning 12.09.2011 - Freedom

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      Sugababes: Live @ This Morning 12.09.2011 - Freedom