Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Five things we learnt chatting to Sugababe Jade Ewen

Five things we learnt chatting to Sugababe Jade Ewen

This Is Local London: Jade stars as Dee Dee in Tonight's the Night Jade stars as Dee Dee in Tonight's the Night
 JADE Ewen caught the nation’s attention when she sang an Andrew Lloyd Webber song at Eurovision in 2009 and finished fifth (the UK’s not done better since).
She became properly famous when she was added to the tumultuous Sugababes line-up later that year. She is currently starring in Ben Elton’s musical of Rod Stewart hits, Tonight’s the Night.
Here’s five things we learnt chatting to Jade...

They’re over
“I think, for now, it is the last of the Sugababes – but you can’t say anything for definite. It’s not like we can’t stand each other, it has just run its course.
“There was so much drama – the old line-up trying to reform – that the music got lost.”

Learning Rod Stewart songs is easy
“They are really easy because you don’t realise how much you know. You subconsciously absorb them because they are in the background of your life, like in adverts.
“I didn’t even realise how much I knew until we were in rehearsals.”
“I was in a taxi and on the radio a DJ was talking about ‘how do you feel about the new member of the Sugababes’.
“They were talking about me. I really wanted to say to the taxi driver ‘that’s me!’”

Succeeding at Eurovision can be ‘virtually impossible’
“It is so hard. Even though the songs can be great, it’s political voting.
“The year I did it, they (the UK team) were really supportive and pulled out all the stops. I was quite lucky. But if you haven’t got that behind you, it is virtually impossible.”

But afterwards, nothing is scary again
“It is the most nervous I have ever been. Because that was one of my first experiences, it makes everything else seem pretty easy in comparison.”

Jade Ewen stars in Tonight’s the Night at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley from April 14 to 19. Go to atgtickets.com/Bromley