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Taio Cruz Feat. Jade Ewen - "Higher"

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Feb 27, 2011

Jade visits the T4 studios to perform "Higher" with Taio Cruz since Kylie couldn't make it.
* Jade DOES sing in this performance, Kylie's vocals were louder due to copyright grounds. *
- No Copyright infragment intended. -

Jade Ewen Photo of the Day

Tinie Tempah's Sex Confession

Tinie Tempah - Tinie Tempah's Sex Confession

27 February 2011 02:00:48 PM

Tinie Tempah's Sex Confession

Tinie Tempah has admitted he and a previous girlfriend once had sex in a cinema.
Tinie Tempah once had sex in a cinema.

The 22-year-old rapper confessed he and a lady friend planned to get up to no good during a movie date and deliberately chose to watch something they knew wouldn't distract them from getting down and dirty.

When asked if he's ever got it on in public he replied: "In the cinema. I can't remember what film it was - we intentionally picked a bad film, as we knew we wouldn't be watching it!"

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker also revealed he's not the settling down type when it comes to girls, admitting his shortest relationship was "one night" - and even doubts he has ever had a real long-term girlfriend.
He explained: "My longest ever relationship was seven months. I was pretty young at the time, and looking back now I think, 'Was that even a real relationship?'"

Tinie instead prefers to admire the attractive girls he meets in the music industry, confessing to crushes on a host of beautiful singers.
He told more! magazine: "Rihanna is incredible. Frankie from The Saturdays is hot,Jade from Sugababes , Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott. Alright there are loads! I'm a bit of a sucker for a pretty face."

Jade Ewen interview in The Netherlands Pre Eurovision 2009

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Recorded on 18/04/09

Andrew Lloyd Webber op het Songfestival! MusicalWorld.TV spreekt met de vertegenwoordiger van Groot-Brittannië, zangeres Jade Ewen.

Jade Ewen sings and chats about Andrew Lloyd Webber about the contest! Interviewed by MusicalWorld.TV

United Kingdom...douze points
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ITN Video of Jade. JLS and others supporting Alicia Keys charity May 2010

Katie and Alex out to support Alicia Keys charity
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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Jade Ewen Photo of the Day

Sugababes Artist Information from Chester Rocks Website

Performance details

Date: Saturday 2nd July 2011

The Sugababes are back! As the most commercially and credibly successful girlband Britain has ever produced, by some startling length, and they are ready to flirt.  2009 sees a new chapter in the Sugababes’ incredible history with the exciting introduction of stunning new member Jade Ewen, who joins Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah following the departure of Keisha Buchanan, who left to pursue a solo career.
If the ‘babes began the decade with one of its defining singles, the fabulously shape-shifting electropop mash-up Freak Like Me, they intend to leave it in precisely the same way. Where to start with the virile groove of Top 5 smash Get Sexy?  The introductory, Vanity 6-ish break-beat? The cheeky Right Said Fred reference? The explosion of a completely unexpected and somehow completely right, full-blown techno meltdown in the chorus? The fact is that the girls have returned to pole-axe dance-floors with an irresistibly cheeky and post-modern pop bounce. Just the way we like them. “It’s what we do,” states Heidi, putting things neatly into a nutshell.   Having flown to LA to make the album they found themselves hanging with The Smeezingtons, Flo Rida’s sonic architects to create a sound that was undoubtedly Sugababes.
That the first single from their brilliantly contemporary-sounding new album was the last to be recorded is something of a pattern in the land of the Sugababes, as if genius alights upon them quite by accident, at the 11th hour. It happened to them with Push The Button on Taller In More Ways, with Freak Like Me on Angels With Dirty Faces and with About You Now on Change - implicitly reminding you of their killer knack for reinvention and their peerless back catalogue. It’s not a bad skill to carry around, even when you’re not showing off.
We greet the Sugababes at this particular juncture in their career at a place no other British girlband has been before not knowing that after a whopping 6 albums and a massive 10 sell-out tours later, the cream of the world’s songwriting and production talent would still be clambering to jump aboard and lend their own personal alchemy to the unique Sugababes USP?
For their 7th longplayer aptly titled ‘Sweet 7’, the girls decided to retool the Sugababes magic. “It was about remembering what we are,” says Amelle, “and thinking about what we can be. We love this band. We love what we do. And we love the fact that every album is different from the last.” Three albums into her tenure as a ‘babe’ she can say this stuff.
A conversation at Jay-Z’s restaurant in New York got the ball rolling for the new record, as Jay Brown, A&R wizard responsible for Rihanna’s Good Girl, Gone Bad album, agreed to trace his platinum hand over proceedings. Rihanna herself was working in the same studio as the Babes and after they finished recording tracks, the girls would ask their first producers Stargate what she thought of the material. The thumbs were up. Something was immediately beginning to catch fire.
When you are working with the hottest A&R man in the world right now, phone calls that might seem daunting to three lovely ladies happen in a flash. When producers that have worked with some of their favourite contemporary artists began saying yes, they started reconnecting with their own ambition, understanding the gift that Sugababes have lent pop music in their incredible decade at the forefront of it.
Suddenly, Sugababes weren’t a nice three way vocal harmony group. They were hob-nobbing with those that have shaped the sound of Beyonce and Lady Gaga and finding something with them that was distinctly their own. They played some of the material back home to the record label, and a buzz immediately began to be felt about their transatlantic reinvention.
The new record is marked by a glistening neon sheen. It sits ahead of the contemporary curve of welterweight R&B with an endless succession of tracks to choose as singles. They say that this is the Sugababes record they are proudest of. A flawless cast-list of collaborators seem to agree. Sessions with Ne-Yo, Red One (“we all argued over who’d get to sing the ‘Red One’ hook that had become so famous through Lady Gaga at the beginning!” says Amelle).  Stargate, the Smeezingtons and Beyonce writer Makeba all produced the goods.
"A sound just emerged for us,” says Amelle, “that was putting the excitement right back into recording. The girls Twittered the results as they were happening to their loyal fanbase in the UK, lending the whole thing an extra layer of dynamically modern instant returns. “We wanted to make the album as Sugababes as possible and wave the British flag, we‘ve pushed ourselves and stepped it up” says Amelle.
The music speaks for itself. From the nagging, hook-laden second single About A Girl to a signature Ne-Yo ballad (“for some reason, he just writes so brilliantly from a female perspective”) No More You, this stuff oozes effortless musicality.  The hip-hop referencing Heartbreak had everyone at their new American home, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation records, jumping for joy.
If you can feel the confidence bouncing out of the girls in their shiny new form right now, you wouldn’t be wrong. “We’re having fun. We’re so excited to have Jade in the band and embracing the next chapter.  This is us. And we want to be Sugababes as badly as ever.”

First Festival Alert for Sugababes this year Chester Rocks 2.7.11

EXCLUSIVE: International superstars line up for Chester Racecourse summer festival


The Saturdays
SOME of the biggest stars in pop and rock this summer have signed up to Chester Rocks.
The new two-day outdoor music festival at Chester Racecourse in July will feature artists ranging from punk legend Iggy Pop to pop superstar Taio Cruz.
Chester Rocks’ Saturday line-up includes: Taio Cruz, McFly, The Saturdays, Sugababes, The Wanted, Eliza Doolittle and Stephen Langstaff.
Sunday’s line-up includes: Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Echo and The Bunnymen, Lightning Seeds, Tommy Scott and the Red Scare.
And the organisers have promised even more big names will be announced in the coming months.
Richard Thomas, chief executive of the Chester Race Company Ltd, said: “Chester Rocks is shaping up to be one of the main events in the North West this summer. Everybody at the racecourse is very excited to be hosting the first year of the two day festival.
“The line-up for the two days has really got something for everyone from McFly and The Wanted through to the godfather of punk – Iggy Pop. Š
“The festival will be an important addition to the city’s events calendar for 2011 and will bring approximately 40,000 people into Chester across the weekend with many of them staying in the city overnight, shopping and visiting local restaurants.”
Tickets for the Saturday or Sunday are £47.50 each or £85 for both days, they will go on general sale on Tuesday, March 1, from 9am and are available from or by calling 01244 304 610.

  • Taia Cruz
  • McFly
  • The Saturdays
  • The Sugababes
  • The Wanted
  • Eliza Doolittle


  • Iggy and the Stooges
  • Echo and the Bunnymen
  • Lightning Seeds

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jade Ewen Photo of the Day

F1 Rocks Off

Political unrest on the oil-rich island of Bahrain has forced cancellation of the Formula 1 motor racing Grand Prix March 13 and the F1 Rocks concert scheduled a day earlier.
F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone had shown concern at the escalating violence on the streets of the tiny island, but said he would leave the race’s fate to the country’s leader, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.
Ecclestone also said it may be possible to postpone the race and the concert until later in the F1 calendar. It is produced by London-based Enterprise Entertainment and was to feature David Guetta, Taio Cruz and Sugababes.
At press time it wasn’t clear if the race will take place at a later date, but The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has said the country would “withdraw from hosting this year’s F1 Grand Prix race so that the country can focus on its process of national dialogue.”
If the race can be rescheduled it’d be less of a setback for Enterprise, which took over the running of F1 Rocks after All The Worlds – a Universal Music Group joint venture –pulled out after staging one show in Singapore.
It began struggling to attract sufficient sponsorship to cover the artist fees and Universal appeared to lose its enthusiasm for the project.
Enterprise hasn’t had much luck since it began with F1 Rocks. It produced a successful show headlined by Stereophonics at last year’s Italian Grand Prix, but two months later in Brazil the outdoor event was hit by bad weather.
That show was also a success in terms of attendance, pulling 25,000 to see a bill that included Eminem and NERD, but high winds and torrential rain put a dampener on the occasion.
The GP2 Asia series race scheduled for the Bahrain circuit Feb. 17 was canceled because it wasn’t possible to get the medical backup required to stage it.
The local doctors were busy in hospitals dealing with casualties from the protests.
Enterprise communications chief Christine Gorham, who has six years working in F1 public relations and left Live Nation to return to return to the world of motor racing, says her company is looking to set up at least three or four more F1 Rocks shows during the current Grand Prix season.

Jade on holiday in St.Lucia (Photos cropped and lightened)

Jades Photos from St.Lucia

Jade has just tweeted some Beautiful photos from her weeks holiday in St.Lucia with her descriptions~JEF

"me on the beach!"
"Sun set" ........ "yes.. my favourite.. think I'm going to have to paint this one.." ...... "canvas... i'll post when i finish it!"
"Waterfall! :)"
"we went to the botanical gardens and this was one of the plants they call THE NAUGHTY BOY plant..hahahahaaaa"
Volcano.. mad.. stank like rotten eggs due to the sulphur.. and the water was literally bubbling over 100degrees!
"me in my palm hat! was made for me by one of the locals on the beach"

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Everyone Please vote for Jade Ewen in FHM Top 100

Jade Ewen
"When I finally met Heidi and Amelle it was like a blind date"
Full name: Jade Almarie Louise Ewen
DOB: January 24, 1988
Place of birth: Plaistow, London, England
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Model

Jade Ewen facts

  • Sugababe Jade is also the face of Ultimo lingerie.
  • She gets her looks from a Jamaican mother and a Scottish-Sicilian father.
  • She came 5th in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, which is a pretty decent effort seeing as we've been getting used to "nil points".
  • She's going out with EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood.
FHM 100 Sexiest Is Jade Ewen your #1?
Vote now using the options below...

Why we love Jade Ewen

Jade Ewen is the latest in a long list of Sugababes who, if previous history is anything to go by, has anything from 2 to 9 years left with the group. But one thing we do know for sure is that she is going to leave, at some point, and the group will carry on with the same name and totally different members until the end of time. Probably
Having got in to a theatre school, Jade was an actress before she was a singer, appearing in The Bill and Casualty. She even made it to the West End, landing the part of Nala in The Lion King when she was just 12 – exactly as The Saturdays member Vanessa White has done since having been to the same theatre school. They must know ‘people’. Then, still only 14, she sold her soul and appeared in a Busted video.
Still, after that she tried to sort her life out again. She was a member of a different girl group called Trinity Stone, which did absolutely nothing in two years and then broke up. Not to be denied though, Jade carried on in the music industry, recording and co-writing songs here and there before getting selected to represent the UK in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Then later that year, she was announced as the replacement for Keisha in the Sugababes, even though she says she had no idea she was joining the group when she flew out to film a video with them. Come on now Jade, surely you had an inkling…

    Monday, 21 February 2011

    Jade Ewen - It's my time live @ Dancing with stars in Poland 2009

    escpoland | 03 May 2009 
    Jade Ewen - It's my time (live @ Dancing with stars in Poland)

    Shame the Video and Audio are so out of Sync ! ~JEF

    Latest news on Jade and the Sugababes

    The first big news story is the Bahrain Grand Prix 2011 where The Sugababes were going to play has been cancelled due to the anti government protests ~ JEF

    Bahrain Grand Prix Called Off Amid Protests

    10:41pm UK, Monday February 21, 2011
    Katie Snape, Sky News Online

    The opening round of the 2011 Formula 1 season in Bahrain has been cancelled as anti-government street protests continue. 

    The race, which was due to have been on 13th March, is the kingdom's biggest international event and has been held annually since 2004.
    Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa said Bahrain had decided to withdraw in order to focus on "overcoming tragedy and healing divisions".
    He was speaking after a week in which at least eight protesters have been killed.
    F1 racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart told Jeff Randall Live that the Bahrain Grand Prix is one of the most popular in the racing calendar.
    "Bahrain turned out to be a very business comfortable nation to deal with, it was very business friendly and that culture was much appreciated by the F1 community.

    Jade Ewen news is that she tweeted early hours of Monday am that she has been on a weeks break in the beautiful island of St.Lucia 

    Photo right is From The Sugababes trip to Barbados 09-10

    @JadeEwen "Just landed at Gatwick! Was away in St Lucia for a week! Sooo beautiful there.. Time for some breakfast!"

    After some rest, Jade tweeted a few hours ago

    @JadeEwen "trying to catch up on all the tv I've missed since being away.."

    Sunday, 20 February 2011

    Sugababes head back to music scene as they choose their comeback single

    Sugababes head back to music scene as they choose their comeback single

    The Sugababes are set to emerge from hiding this summer after picking their comeback single.

    Sugababes comeback single The ever-changing Sugababes are making their way back to the music industry
    Longest-standing member Heidi Range says the girls’ return will be the perfect way for her to celebrate a decade in the ever-changing group.
    ‘We’ve been in the studio and we’re working on the new album so hopefully it will be ready for summer,’ she told Metro.
    ‘We did a song last week that we think could be a first single. That’s exciting when you get to that stage.’
    The trio still have a few songs to go and are not giving anything away about their new image yet.

    ‘We haven’t really decided on the tracks but we’re trying out different styles,’ the 27-year-old said.

    Range says she, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen welcomed their time out of the spotlight since Ewen replaced Keisha Buchanan, the remaining founding member, in 2009 after a series of rows.

    There are no cat fights these days, said Range. ‘I’ve been in the band for ten years in August, which makes me feel really old,’ she added.
    ‘Me and the girls get on great so it’s nice that we’ve been able to take our time with this album and it’s not a rush so we’re getting it right before we bring it out.’

    Read more: