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Fabulous Video DBX ft Amelle behind the scenes studio footage

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Video footage of Amelle Berrabah recording "God Won't Save U Now" with DBX.

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Original Sugababes#1 lineup for autumn album release? - Digital Spy

Sugababes' original lineup for autumn album release?

Published Friday, Mar 2 2012, 16:24 GMT | By Robert Copsey
The original Sugababes have suggested that they will release their new album in autumn.

The group's first lineup - consisting of Keisha Buchanan, Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena - will reportedly release a single in the summer with the record following later in the year.

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Donaghy tweeted: "Thanks for your kind words. There will indeed be another record out in the autumn with a single in summer."

While a reunion of the original lineup has yet to be confirmed, each member has tweeted about recording new music together.

Singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé recently announced that she has written a track for the group, whose new name has yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, Heidi Range told Digital Spy earlier this year that the current Sugababes have not split up, but are not concentrating on music at the moment.

Amelle's LA Photo story updated 8.3.12

More Photos of Amelle and Emily's hike up the Hollywood Hills below 

But before flying off to L.A. Amelle popped into her hairdressers

My dad and today at his salon!

At the airport! Going 2 La baby! Can't wait! Soz... 4got 2 tell u guys! Xxx

La.... Here I come!!!!xxxx

I'm in LA!!!!!! Xxxx

Feel like I'm dreaming!xxx

Me and !!!! Woooo hoooo!xx

In the car with starting 2 feel knackered and its only 5pm! Hehe!x

@Amelle_Berrabah 3rd March 2012

He's playing 2 trumpets at the same time!x

Just on our way 2 studio 2 listen to some new songs by a BIG rapper! ;)x

@Amelle_Berrabah 4th March 2012

Having an amazing time!! I love La! Lunch then a sun bath then studio! Wooop wopppp!xxx

@Amelle_Berrabah 6th March 2012

Me and are on our way 2 Drakes show!! Wooo hoooo!xxx

Just got 2 the venue. 2nd row baby! Can't wait 4 Drake 2 come on! Wooop wooop!x

Photos of Amelle and Emily's hike up the Hollywood Hills below from The Sun and The Daily Mail 

Hahaha!! how funny! It was soooo damn hot!!

Having such a good time!! had a nice chill out 2day and back to studio 2morrow. Love ya!xx

To be continued ..................