Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dutch Website Spitsnieuws - Jade Ewen in lingerie aan het werk

Jade Ewen in lingerie aan het werk

We lieten u vorige week al weten dat Sugababe Jade Ewen een nieuw baantje heeft als gezicht van Miss Ultimo en nu blijkt dat ze ook al meteen aan het werk is gezet. Tijd dus voor haar eerste functioneringsbeoordeling.
Het woord is aan u.
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My scan of Jade in Closer Magazine 20.12.10 I Love Being a Girlie girl


JadeEwenFans Video of Jade Ewen at The Miss Ultimo Launch in Debenhams 15th December 2010

jadeewenfan | 21 December 2010 | 
Jade very kindly giving shout outs to her followers "Ewenators" and her three main Blog and websites Jade Ewen and The Sugababes http://jadeewenandthesugababes.blogsp... JadeEwenSource and JadeEwenDaily

Jade "Party Animal" in Now Magazine 15.12.10 My Scan

Amelle will be getting a Christmas surprise !

Sorry I can't let you know what it is , but apparently its from a close source , you will have to wait to after Christmas to find out if its true ! But I have added some of Amelle's latest Twitpics ! ~JadeEwenFan

Don't forget to buy the Sugababes Fragrances for someone special this Christmas

Don't forget to buy someone special the Sugababes Fragrances this Christmas~JadeEwenFan


Heidi Range Wears High Heels to Feel Glamorous

Heidi Range Wears High Heels to Feel Glamorous

Mon, 20 December 2010 05:03:25 ET
Heidi Range Wears High Heels to Feel Glamorous
© MATRIX/Bauer-Griffin  
In addition to earrings and a blast of dry shampoo, the Sugababes singer reveals that a pair of stylish shoes is her one-minute trick to instant glamor.
Heidi Range puts on high-heels to make her feel glamorous. The singer says she can always rely on a pair of stylish shoes to transform her look if she's feeling a bit frumpy as well as a pair of glitzy earrings.

"My one-minute trick to instant glamor is a pair of heels, earrings and a blast of dry shampoo," she said. "I also love eyeliner ticks - they make me feel dressed up."

As well as heels, Heidi enjoys having glamorous nails and regularly treats herself to a manicure. She said, "I've been getting Gellish manicures at Percy & Reed. They last about two weeks, which is great for this time of year when you want to wear dark colors."

Heidi and her bandmates Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen recently launched their own range of fragrances and the 27-year-old beauty says it was such a great experience. She said, "It was brilliant. We got to pick our favorite smells and develop the fragrances ourselves. I learned that you shouldn't rub your wrists together after you've spritzed it on because you'll crush the notes."