Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jade Ewen interview for MOBO

I don't why its taken this long for the MOBO's to put this on YouTube , but so glad I spotted it :-) ~JEF

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IN the run up to the 2009 MOBO Awards, the MOBO team caught up with Jade Ewen.


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performed for the Asian Institute Of Doctors on May 20, 2011

First Sighting of Partial Sugababes Freedom Lyrics

SUGABABES Freedom lyrics


So raise your hand, throw a fist in the air,
For freedom!
For being alive, not having a care,
For freedom

*Lyrics incomplete

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Win FREE tickets for the whole weekend at Chester Rocks Festival Via Audio Rokit

May 25, 2011

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Enders' Ricky: 'I'm just a boy from Forest Gate'

Enders' Ricky: 'I'm just a boy from Forest Gate'
May 25, 2011
Enders' Ricky: 'I'm just a boy from Forest Gate'
EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood talks to Soaplife about how Fatboy's sham wedding to Mercy is really the real thing for him!

While the groom can't take his eyes off the bride, she's hating every minute of the ceremony. Welcome to Fatboy and Mercy's wedding which is only taking place to stop her from being deported. Soaplife talked to Ricky about Fatboy's true feelings for Mercy, which he reveals to her before the big day.

Why was Fatboy reluctant to tell Mercy he loves her?
"Because he believes that she doesn't see him like that and he was worried that she would call off the wedding. He also thinks that after they marry she'll fall in love with him over a period of time."

Do things change between them when they're married?
"No. There’s just a lot of awkwardness between them. They're both living at Grace's, Fatboy is sleeping on the sofa and it's all a bit uncomfortable."

But Lauren thinks Mercy loves him, doesn't she?
"Yes, because Lauren can see jealousy in Mercy's eyes whenever Kim flirts with Fatboy."

How long has Fatboy carried a torch for Mercy?
"A long time. They've been friends since they were nine years old and he was certainly in love with her when E20 started. He was really upset when she got pregnant by somebody else and then lost the baby."

Does he know she nearly called the wedding off?
"Yes, Lauren told him and he then pressured Mercy into going along with it. He feels obliged to help because it was his dad Ashley who tipped off the immigration authorities."

How does Mercy seem on the big day?
"She doesn't enjoy it at all. She's still unsure about what they're doing."

Does Fatboy realise he could go to prison if he gets found out?
"No, he hasn't thought about the consequences at all. He thought it would be as simple as getting a ring on her finger, but it's not. Immigration don't go away."

We know that Bunmi Mojekwu, who plays Mercy, is leaving. What does this mean for Fatboy?
"It means he's going to get his heart broken. But maybe there will be another special lady who will love Fatboy for who he is. My girlfriend [Jade Ewen] watches the show and keeps saying, 'Mercy should love him!'"
Are you enjoying the role?
"I am. I was delighted when I got the National Television Award for Best Newcomer. People have really taken Fatboy to their hearts. It's amazing. I can't believe I'm here. I didn't go to drama school. I'm just a boy from Forest Gate."