Friday, 5 March 2010

Photos from CavilleRange

Thanks to @Cavillerange for allowing me to add his photos to my blog
The photos are from The sugababes visit to Empik Store, Warsaw, Poland where they were interveiwed and met fans.
Also photos of the latest album Sweet 7 released 5th March 2010 in Poland

The all-new Sugababes are to return with their new album, Sweet 7 on 15th March.




UK ALBUM RELEASE – 15th March 2010

On 15th March the Sugababes,, the UK’s most successful girl-band, release their brand new album ‘Sweet 7’. It follows Top 10 smash hits ‘Get Sexy’ and ‘About A Girl’ and sees the new year in with Heidi, Jade and Amelle sexy, sassier and sweeter than ever!

‘Sweet 7’ is the Sugababes at their best, with an irresistibly cheeky and post-modern pop bounce. Just the way we like them. This new record is marked by a glistening neon sheen. It sits ahead of the contemporary curve of welterweight R&B with an endless succession of tracks to choose as singles and a flawless cast-list of collaborators seem to agree. Sessions with Ne-Yo, Red One, Stargate, the Smeezingtons and Beyonce writer Makeba all produced the goods for the album.

“The sound just emerged for us,” says Amelle, “that was putting the excitement right back into recording, we wanted to make the album as Sugababes sounding as possible and wave the British flag at the same time, we‘ve pushed ourselves and stepped it up” says Amelle.

‘Sweet 7’ is the start of the next chapter for the Sugababes and the music they have created speaks for itself – from the in your face ‘Get Sexy’ to the hook-laden cheeky new single ‘Wear My Kiss’ to a signature Ne-Yo ballad (“for some reason, he just writes so brilliantly from a female perspective”) ‘No More You’, it oozes effortless musicality.

The Sugababes continue to be one of Britain’s most exciting and dynamic bands. With an amazing mix of genius songs, pure talent and total drama, they have constantly surprised, transformed and entertained. With over 7 million albums and 3 million singles sold they have also amassed more Top 10 singles than the Spice Girls, All Saints or Destiny’s Child, to name a few. With three triple-platinum albums, numerous sold out tours and number one hits in over 15 countries, they have consistently stayed at the top of the game.

The Sugababes new single ‘Wear My Kiss’ will be released on 22nd February followed the album ‘Sweet 7’ on 15th March.

UK Eurovision contenders revealed

UK Eurovision contenders revealed

Waterman will write and co-produce this year's UK entry
The BBC has revealed the six acts who will face the public vote in a bid to become this year's UK Eurovision entry.

The Eurovision hopefuls, including four solo acts and two groups, will perform live in front of a panel of judges in Your Country Needs You! on 12 March.

Esma Akkilic, Karen Harding, Josh Dubovie and Alexis Gerred will vie with trio Miss Fitz, and five-piece Uni5.

Hitmaker Pete Waterman, who is writing and producing this year's Eurovision entry, will lead the panel of judges.

"We've got the song and we've got six acts - now all we're waiting for is the public," said Waterman.

The panel will also include Strictly Come Dancing's Bruno Toniolo and Sugababes star Jade Ewen, who performed last year's UK entry in Moscow.

Following performances by the six acts on the BBC One show next week, Waterman will choose three acts to debut the Eurovision song.

Alexis Gerred, 20
Esma Akkilic, 17
Josh Dubovie, 19
Karen Harding, 18
Miss Fitz
The final decision rests with the voting public.

The four solo performers - Esma, Karen, Josh and Alexis - are aged between 17 and 20. They will vie with an all-girl trio from London, Miss Fitz, and the five-piece act Uni5.

Waterman will work on the UK entry with fellow music producer Mike Stock, who together formed part of the highly-successful 80s recording trio Stock Aitken Waterman, which launched the career of Kylie Minogue, among others.

"If any man can second guess European musical tastes surely that man is Pete Waterman," said Eurovision host Graham Norton, who will present next week's deciding show.

"I can't wait to get to Oslo and see the competition. Fingers crossed we can build on last year's success.

Jade Ewen's performance of It's My Time, a joint collaboration by Lord Lloyd Webber and songwriter Diane Warren, came fifth in the contest in 2009.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Norwegian capital on 29 May.

New Sugababes Sweet 7 Competition

Win a Sweet7 Limited edition boxset!
5th March 2010

There is an amazing competition to win an extremely limited edition Sweet7 collectors box.

The collectors edition includes the shiny new album, sexy postcards and actual Sweet 7 sweets! There are only 300 of these limited edition boxes being made so a real money cant buy prize!

All you need to do is tell us 7 reasons why you love the Sugababes and email your answers to
The winner will be picked on release date March 15th.

Good Luck!

SugababesHQ x x
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Yurges SugaBabes 'Sweet7' Album Launch Party (Part 2)

SugaBabes 'Sweet7' Album Launch Party (Part 2)

part 2 of when i went to the sugababes sweet7 album launch party! at this part heidi touches my hand, jade huges me and amelle talks to me ahhhh =D so happy. spread the word and buy sweet 7 when it comes out =D


Amelle completing Parachute Jump for Cancer Research

I’m doing a parachute jump to raise money for Cancer Research on 5th March, a charity that’s been really close to my heart ever since my dad passed away.

I've never done anything like this before so I'm a bit nervous, but I have no choice now - I'll be jumping out of that plane screaming, crying or laughing!

Thanks so much to anyone who donates money, it's for a really important cause and literally every penny counts. I really appreciate any support that you give me and Cancer Research.

I'll update you all on how I get on at

Thanks in advance for any help you can give

Amelle x

Your country needs you... even if you’re not British

BRITAIN'S hunt for a Eurovision Song Contest entry is called Your Country Needs You! - but two "UK" hopefuls are foreigners.
Girl band member Maiken is from NORWAY - the country famous for constantly winning "nil points" in the competition.

And one of the solo entrants, Esma, hails from AUSTRIA.

In all, six acts will perform live tonight on BBC1 in a battle to represent the UK.

Maiken, 23 - part of girl group Miss Fitz who featured in The X Factor last year - comes from a town just north of Oslo.

She moved to the UK when she was 19 and met bandmates Marina and Gemma. She could win the host country's vote if her band win through.

Meanwhile Esma could curry favour with Austrian voters.

They will perform against solo artists Alexis, Josh and Karen and the group Uni5.

Insiders stress it is not the first time foreigners have represented the UK in Eurovision, with American-led Katrina and the Waves winning in the 1990s.

Music legend Pete Waterman is producing this year's entry with long-time collaborator Mike Stock.

Pete will head a panel including last year's UK entrant Jade Ewen - now one the Sugababes - and Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli.

After the live performances and feedback from the panel, Pete will choose three acts to debut the Eurovision song.

The winner will then be decided by a public vote.

Pete said yesterday: "So far we've got the song and we've got six acts.

"Now all we're waiting for is the public to get behind the search for the UK entry and then we can really get to work."

Norton, who will commentate at Eurovision 2010, said: "If any man can second guess European musical tastes surely that man is Pete Waterman.

"I can't wait to get to Oslo and see the competition.

"Here's to all the usual fun, glamour, and madness of Eurovision - this year with the added extra of a faint whiff of pickled herring."

Jade Ewen came fifth in Moscow, where she performed Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren's It's My Time.

She and the Sugababes will perform on tonight's show which starts at 8.30pm.

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ABOVE: Heidi arrives at Supperclub 5th March 2010 Your Shout ( 0 )
SUGA, spice and all things nice is definitely what this new line-up is made of.

In her super-mini sequin dress, giraffe-legged Jade Ewen naturally slots in, just like newest single Wear My Kiss does to the Babes’ back catalogue.

And, as if to defy any critics, it’s golden oldies like Stronger and Freak Like Me which Amelle, Heidi and Jade launch straight into.

After the loss of a member, the trio have booty-shaken towards a more commercial sound. The vocals couldn’t scream pop any louder if album Sweet 7 had a can of fizz attached to it. There are also hip-wiggling and stiletto-stomping dance routines.

The new song, the Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown No Air-sounding Crash And Burn, harks back to their soulful days. It proves that these ladies have definitely not fallen from grace, unlike Brown. Sweet.

Sugababes say they have nothing to fear from Mutya Buena legal challenge as they launch new album Sweet 7

Sugababes say they have nothing to fear from Mutya Buena legal challenge as they launch new album Sweet 7

By 3am's Clemmie Moodie & Danielle Lawler 5/03/2010

Sugababe's Sweet 7 album launch on Wednesday threatened to turn sour after ex-bandmate Mutya Buena applied to the European Trademarks Authority to reclaim the band's name.

Not that the current line-up has any time to worry about such things.

At the morning launch they performed for fans, then popped to Downing Street to discuss illegal file sharing with the PM, then it was off to Notting Hill's Supperclub to do a second gig for fans. Phew.

Heidi Range tells us: "Our record company owns the name, so there's no conversations about who owns the name." Glad to hear it...