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Sugababes quest for Freedom - New ITN Video Interview Music 411

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Heidi, Amelle and Jade are back, and their new single's been debuted online. But what does Freedom mean to the babes?

Sugababes “Freedom”: Hear It In Full - Idolator

Sugababes “Freedom”: Hear It In Full
SugababesLike a lot of folks, we’d all but written off Sugababes after their disastrous 2009 effort, Sweet 7 — not to mention the ousting of the trio’s last original member Keisha Buchanan, and the hiring of Jade Ewan to replace her. But lo and behold, the girls are back with new single “Freedom,” which, we’re proud to say, is a full-on jam. Break the speed of light with the ‘babes below.

We already heard a fair share of “Freedom,” a tie-in with a Nokia ad in their home country of the UK, via a minute-and-a-half lyric video Sugababes released last month.
Now the full tune is online after premiering on the British airwaves yesterday.

It might be a tough pill for some to swallow, but it’s safe the say Sugababes are officially back, at least momentarily, thanks to this dark and slinky single.
We don’t know if it’s the whip-crack effect in the background, the squiggly synths or the current three members finally sounding like a cohesive act that draws us in. But whatever the case, we like what we hear.
What do you think of “Freedom”?

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Real Yorkshiremen love The Sugababes - Real Radio106-108FM

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Sugarbabes brand new single listen to it here

Have you heard the new Sugababes single Freedom yet? Give it a first listen right here!
You can buy the new song from September 19th as it becomes the lead single for their brand new album.
You'll have to wait a while for that though as it still hasn't been given a name yet!

Sugababes: We’ve finally found ourselves as a band - Yahoo OMG

Sugababes: We’ve finally found ourselves as a band

Sugababes say they are closer than ever/Rex

The Sugababes have gone through so many line-up changes it would be easy to think that there'd be a lack of unity with the current trio - Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen.
But the girls seem more in tune than ever before - chatting, laughing and finishing each other's sentences as we caught up with them over tea in central London.
As they prepare to release the first single from their eight album, the ladies told omg! they've finally reached a harmonious point...
Jade (the newest member of the band) told us: "We've found ourselves as a band. The last album, it was no secret, everything happened at the last minute. We recorded it separately - they were in LA/NY and I recorded in a shed in Wimbledon."
"We've been doing lots of gigs so that's given us time to bond. We always stay in each other's rooms."
The girls are back with their eight studio album and after our sneak peak listen to the new single Freedom, we're already hooked.
Amelle told us: "The track was more acoustic, country before but gradually it took shape and the Dove Step breakdown went it. It happened organically. It feels completely unique to us. We love big vocals and still get to showcase that side of it but still with an edge."
The trio recently had an emotional reunion with former member Keisha at Wireless and they told us she was the one to make the first move.
Heidi said: "It was nice to see her. There'd been a lot of time. It was very big of her to come over and say hello and try and clear the air."
So what do the girls make of the ex Sugababe's new solo venture? "We wish her well and she wishes us well. We all wish her the best."
Amelle recently drew headlines for her hot new figure so we had to ask her how she managed it?
She said: "I had a personal trailer two to three times a week and I just ate healthily. I did have snacks like chips but not a whole plate, just a handful. At the moment I just feel really healthy. I've gone beyond caring what people say."
Sugababes new single Freedom is out on September 19
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Sugababes - Freedom [Radio Edit + Dubstep] [Fanmade]

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Fanmade full version of the Sugababes new single "Freedom". Made up of clips of the studio version and the radio edit premiere !


This is only for us - fans all over the world - who wants to hear what the song sounds like.

Single Review: Sugababes - Freedom The Sonic Reverie

Monday, 1 August 2011

Single Review: Sugababes - Freedom

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If there's one thing the recent ousting in the Sugababes has proved, it's that the band and the brand is bigger than the girls themselves. Parading around with titles such as 'biggest female act of the twenty first century' and glorifying their six number one singles, the stickers on their CDs fail to mention that the band no longer includes any of the original members - something both fans and the media have latched onto and berated the trio for.

But first and foremost, the Sugababes are a pop group and the inner-dramas and conflicts may have been highly publicised but what the girls have managed to do is create music that stands above the stories and stays ahead of the game -innovative pop music such as the breakthrough hit 'Freak Like Me' and the chart topping 'Hole In The Head'. Two tracks that were so ahead of their time, they sound current even today.

To put it bluntly, 'Freedom' is impressive. In typical Sugababes fashion, the girls rise from the ashes and show that their latest line up can still bring it. Heidi's luscious voice harmonises beautifully with new member Jade Ewen's incredible pipes with the latter reigning gloriously during the middle eight. Amelle's fiery flair puts the finishing touches to their comeback track, chanting a post-chorus following the empowering hook 'liberate yourself 'cos freedom starts tonight'.

Standing alone, the track is wonderful, however releasing the single under the 'Sugababes' brand essentially invites people to compare it to the groups back catalogue and in doing so, the track loses some of it's merit. But let's not look only to Sugababes 4.0, as it feels that post-Change, the band have been chasing trends and attempting to stay relevant instead of setting new trends and creating the cutting edge music they shot to fame with. This new single goes a little further than the last two albums, it has a futuristic vibe and time will tell whether it stands alongside their biggest hits, but it's certainly one that begs you to click repeat.

If a new band had released 'Freedom', it may have had more spark but the expectations that come alongside the Sugababes title have seen the track flounder slightly already. Interestingly, the track may also have been welcomed with more respect and acclaim had they not been tainted with the media circus that has surrounded them since Keisha's exit.

It'll be interesting to watch 'Freedom's rise and see whether the track pushes the Sugababes back to the top of the game, or even if the band continue the comparatively minor success that they have achieved with the last few single releases. The level of material in the band has rarely hung anywhere below 'great' (let's not remember 'Girls' or 'Walk This Way') and with 'Freedom's release, the prospect of the bands eighth release just got that little more exciting.

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Words: Simon McMurdo