Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sugababes allowed now in Scrabble !

What next, Txtspk Scrabble?If chess loses its pawns and Monopoly turns into Housing Association, I know just who to blame

Ariane Sherine guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 6 April 2010 17.29 BST Article history
Mattel is issuing new rules for Scrabble, allowing proper nouns to be played. Photograph: paulasfotos/Alamy

Fancy some Frosties with your Scrabble? Now you can spill them all over the board, thanks to Mattel's perverse ruling that proper nouns are no longer disallowed. That's right: Sugababes, Toyota and Clearasil could soon be coming to a Scrabble board near you, if you're the kind of deviant who embraces expedient marketing decisions. Throw out the dictionary! Replace it with Heat magazine! Why confine yourself to the mere 171,476 words in the OED?

"We believe that people who are already fans of the game will enjoy the changes," fibbed a Mattel spokesperson, fully aware of the wrath and welcome publicity that would ensue. "They will also enable younger players and families to get involved." Are these demographics allergic to uncapitalised words? Are they so in thrall to brands that they need to incorporate them into every second of their leisure time?

But why stop at proper nouns? Surely foreign words should no longer be verboten? If new Scrabble better accommodates the young, just imagine how Euro Scrabble could improve relations avec nos continental neighbours. Txtspk Scrabble would be next, in all languages including Esperanto, swiftly followed by Creative Scrabble, where you make up your own words. Dissent will not be tolerated: innovation can only advance our development, never hinder it. Those of us who claim to prefer the lexical beauty and simplicity of classic Scrabble clearly fear change, and are standing stubbornly in the way of progress.

Picture the feverish scenes in boardrooms across the land as other board games follow suit. A chess spokesperson will state chirpily: "We've decided to do away with pawns. Frankly, they were always getting in the way, and now young people and families can get stuck into the action faster." A backgammon representative will enthuse: "Backgammon now has fluffy circular prongs, as the old spikes tested badly with young focus groups, which felt they were 'aggressive'." Lefties can play Housing Association instead of Monopoly.

Mattel has truly opened Pandora's box and broken the catch. Still, there's a grain of solace left for the millions who will wonder if this is a late April fool, as Mattel conceded: "Obviously some people will want to continue playing the old rules, so we will still be selling a board with the original rules." This will come as a relief to logophiles everywhere: we may scrabble for points, but we will never Scrabble™.

Sugababes eager to perform to their Indian Fans in India

Holy Bollywood, what is this we hear? Has Shahrukh Khan promised to dance naked at the Indian Premier League's closing ceremony on April 25?

The game is set to take place at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai on Sunday April 25 and apparently the audience can expect a real treat from SRK! But hold on, not so fast, the "My Name is Khan" actor has only agreed to dance naked if his team, Kolkata Knight Riders, wins!

We bet fans across the globe are rooting for SRK's team after hearing this juicy bit of news! And who wouldn't want to see the King of Bollywood dance naked after winning such an important game? Talk about a performance of a lifetime!

And as if seeing SRK dance naked at the IPL closing ceremony wasn't cool enough, fans are in for a real treat as the sexy and talented ladies of British pop group the Sugababes are set to take the stage to perform some of their hits!

Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen are really ready to dominate the Indian charts with their sweet voices! They are planning a trip to India on April 21 where they will perform at the IPL closing ceremony on April 23 and 25.

The girls told DH! they are eager to put on a show for all their Indian fans:

"We are very excited about performing at such a prestigious event. We very honored to be invited to be part of it. We have always wanted to perform over in India and we are looking forward not only to the performance but experiencing such a wonderful culture."

And who knows? Maybe they'll be joined on stage by a naked Shahrukh Khan who wants to dance?
The star told a TV channel that if his team wins, he will dance naked! Well, only time will tell if Shahrukh will keep his promise! All jokes aside, we love SRK's good sense of humor!

Do you think Shahrukh Khan will dance naked if the Kolkata Knight Riders win this year's IPL? Drop us a line.

Jade Ewen is a huge fan of Lady Gaga's style.

See 3 videos here :-

Sugababes on Fashion
Sugababes on Lady Gaga
Sugababes on their New Album

Sugababes star wishes she could be as daring

Monday, 5 April 2010

Jade Ewen is a huge fan of Lady Gaga's style.

The Sugababes star thinks the US singer, 24, is a fashion icon.

‘Lady Gaga's so experimental,' Jade, 22, tells Now Online.

‘She just doesn't care and I think that's so inspiring because it makes people look forward to seeing what she's going to come out with.

'I love her hair - she pays attention to every detail and it's not just about the dress she's wearing.'

Bandmate Heidi Range, 26, prefers the burlesque style of Dita Von Teese.

‘I love her,' she says. 'I couldn't wear half the things she does but I think she always looks absolutely amazing and glamorous.'

The new Sugababes album Sweet 7 is out now.

Sugababes - Interview at UK Asian Music Awards - 11th March 2010

Thanks to @JadeEwenSource for the heads up on http://www.jadewen.com/
Plus Sweet7Media for the upload onto Youtube

Sweet7Media — 04 April 2010 — Sugababes backstage at the UK Asian Music Awards 2010. Video thanks to Suga Files.

Second-hand songs that became hits

Second-hand songs that became hitsBy ROWENA JOY A. SANCHEZApril 5, 2010, 2:11pmWould these songs become hits had they been sung by the artists they were originally written for?

1. “Telephone”
Lady Gaga, a self-confessed Britney Spears fan, wrote “Telephone” for the pop princess. But apparently, Brit didn’t take Gaga’s call. Prior to this, Britney’s label also turned down “Umbrella,” Rihanna’s biggest hit.

2. “Cry Me A River”
Many observed that Justin Timberlake’s first solo debut had a lot of Michael Jackson vibe to it. That’s because a number of songs in the album were intended for the late King of Pop, including this one that people close to Justin say was written with Britney in mind right after the two split.

3. “Baby One More Time”
This Britney classic was first offered to TLC, and then Simon Cowell desperately wanted it for his boy band 5ive. But sorry Simon, songwriter Max Martin already promised it to Ms. Spears.

4. “Halo”
OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder originally wrote this for Leona Lewis, but her tight schedule didn’t permit recording to take place sooner. “Halo” eventually ended up glowing above Beyoncé’s head.

5. “Don’t Cha”
Before, there was an heiress named Paris Hilton and a sexy trio called Sugababes to whom this naughty ditty was offered.

6. “My Humps”
wil.i.am said he wrote this for PCD, but then he realized he wanted to keep it for his Black Eyed Peas fellas. Why not, Fergie’s just as qualified.

7. “Bleeding Love”
Jesse McCartney wanted this collaboration masterpiece with Ryan Tedder for his album but his label didn’t agree. It eventually became Leona Lewis’ breakout hit, and a bonus track in Jesse’s third effort, “Departure.”

Sugababes 6th 'most played' artist of decade

Madonna 'most played' artist of decade

Madonna was the only female solo singer to make the top 10
Madonna was the most played artist of the last decade in the UK, according to music licensing body PPL.

The singer, 51, who had her first UK hit with Holiday in 1984, beat The Beatles into second place and Robbie Williams into third.

Queen were fourth and Take That were fifth in the chart compiled for BBC Radio 2.

It was based on plays - between 2000 and 2009 - on TV, radio and in public places including pubs, clubs and shops.

PPL collects royalties for sound recordings.

Madonna was the only female solo singer to make the top 10.

1. Madonna
2. The Beatles
3. Robbie Williams
4. Queen
5. Take That
6. Sugababes
7. Elton John
8. Elvis Presley
9. Abba
10. Coldplay
Source: PPL
Girl band Sugababes, meanwhile, who entered the UK charts for the first time in 2000 with Overload, were the only act in the top 10 who emerged within the decade being scrutinised.

The chart was revealed on Radio 2 show People's Artist Chart, presented by comedian Patrick Kielty.

In December, PPL announced that Snow Patrol song Chasing Cars was the most widely-played song of the decade.

Last year, another chart compiled for Radio 2 - also by PPL - found that Procol Harum's A Whiter Shade of Pale was the most played song in public places in the previous 75 years.

The song, which features a distinctive organ riff, stayed at number one for six weeks in the UK in the summer of 1967.