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Sugababes Latest Schedule

Sugababes Latest Schedule :-


Tues 06/04/2010 Album Sweet 7 Release Date in USA

Sun 25/04/2010 IPL (India Premier League ) Cricket closing ceremony on April 25th (INDIA) confirmed

Sat 01/05/2010 Camden Crawl . Roundhouse
Sun 02/05/2010 Rock 4 Life ,Whiteness, Inverness, Scotland

Sun 20/06/2010 Heidi+Amelle 54mile Cycle ride from London To Brighton for Charity

Sat 03/07/2010 Sound music festival at Netherdale in Galashiels.

Sat 21/08/2010 V Festival or
Sun 22/08/2010 V Festival (This year's V Festival will take place at Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire over the weekend of August 21 to August 22. Tickets are on sale from this Friday 5th March.)

Upcoming Events

Fashion Related project

OCT 2011
Heidi's Wedding ?

Jade Ewen Replaced on BBC Eurovision website

BBC launches revamped Eurovision website

British Eurovision fans will be happy to see that the BBC Eurovision Website was rebranded over the past weekend. The banner previously adorned with Jade Ewen (My Time, 2009) has now been replaced with a picture of the UK's 2010 entrant - 19 year-old Josh Dubovie.

The website also now hosts the preview vidoes for all participating countries, including the televised version of 'That Sounds Good To Me' performed in March on 'Eurovision : Your Country Needs You'.

The British people now await the expected video of the song, as well as the final version of the track, currently being worked upon by songwriters Pete Waterman and Mike Stock. This version Stock says will 'pleasantly surprise' everyone.


Sugababes: 'Cheryl deserves more respect!'

Friday 26 March 2010
The Sugababes are undoubtedly one of Britain’s best-loved pop acts, and, despite numerous changes to the original line-up, have maintained an edge that kept them well and truly at the top of their game!

But, after a tumultuous 2009, the future of the band seemed to be somewhat in limbo –at least if tabloid headlines were to be believed.

So we were slightly apprehensive when we went to meet the girls themselves at the legendary Abbey Road Studios – would chatting to the girls be a bit like navigating a minefield of sore subjects? Would we get caught up in catfights or diva tantrums?

We needn’t have worried – as we walk into Studio 2, which has seen legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd work their magic in its four walls, Amelle Berrabah and Heidi Range immediately jump up from the sofa to greet us! New member Jade Ewen isn’t feeling well and is off sick – what a shame!

The girls look fab in skinny jeans and heels, and while Heidi is working a casual-chic pale-pink blazer, Amelle has opted for a sportier look in an oversized grey sweater. Both look absolutely gorgeous – and we can’t help but notice the absolutely mahooossive diamond engagement ring on Heidi’s wedding finger!

The ‘Babes just made a teenager’s dream come true by hanging out with 15-year-old Abbie and giving her tips for her own musical career.

Abbie, who won the Windows 7 Sing, Snap and Shake it singing competition to live a day like the Sugababes would – including a stay at the swanky Mayfair Hotel, a shopping trip to Selfridges and dinner at posh eaterie Nobu – is over the moon as she is having her picture taken between two of the coolest girl in Pop!

Seems that the ballsy Sugababes aren’t so scary after all… And so we sit down for a good chin-wag about cheating celebs, scary spinning classes and the girls’ fashion obsessions!

There have been an awful lot of cheating scandals recently… what would you do in such a situation?
Amelle: Go. Without fail.

Were you surprised by any of them?
Heidi: I think you can’t comment or say what’s right or wrong in other people’s relationships, but the one that got me was the John Terry one. His wife was all over him the week after, kissing him and cuddling him like nothing happened. That surprised me. I wouldn’t even be able to look at the person.

Amelle: It makes you feel uncomfortable even looking at it…

Heidi: Every couple works through whatever happens in their relationship, but I found that quite shocking.

So what do you think of Cheryl’s decision to leave Ashley?

Heidi: I think Cheryl deserves more respect than what she’s been given.

Amelle: For sure!

Heidi: She’s a beautiful girl. She’s talented. She doesn’t need to be treated like that. I think he’s silly for doing what he’s done.

Amelle: But she needs to work it out for herself, she has to do whatever makes her happy. But from an outsider’s point of view, I agree with Heidi, she definitely deserves a lot more respect.

What’s it like being at the famous Abbey Road studios, where legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd have recorded?

Heidi: I’ve been here before to do live radio sessions – but we just realised that we were here the day me and Keisha met Amelle for the first time when she joined the band!

Amelle: When we got to the front door all the memories came flooding back.

Those must have been quite exciting memories for you, Amelle?

Amelle: Oh definitely! They’re all good memories for sure but I can’t believe it’s been nearly four and a half years now – oh my god!

How’s the new- well, new-ish - line-up working out? Is Jade settling in okay?

Amelle: She’s really good…

Heidi: Unfortunately she’s not well today, but usually we’re having a lot of fun together and enjoy what we’re doing. It’s all good.

That’s great to hear. Considering the history of the studio, who out of all the legends who have recorded here would you have liked to collaborate with?

Heidi: The Beatles, obviously! (laughs)

Amelle: That would have been amazing! Definitely Jimi Hendrix. Even Mary J Blige, I saw a picture of her on the wall, that would have been amazing as well. We could do a soulful track.

What about any current artists – who would you like to team up with?

Amelle: We’ve just been signed to Roc Nation in America, Jay-Z’s label. Recording with the big boss would be amazing.

Heidi: Or Beyonce!

Amelle: Or both of them. There you go.

Heidi: We’ve got a collaboration on the album with Sean Kingston, which was good fun to do, but I’d really like us to do one with a band.

Amelle: A proper rocky number, Kings of Leon stylee?

Heidi: I’d love to do something like that, something a bit different.

Your latest album sounds quite different from the original Sugababes sound…

Heidi: We’ve changed with every album, because obviously music does move on and we want to keep it fresh for the fans - and ourselves. This album is more of a party album I suppose… we went over to America and had a ball when we were doing it!

Amelle: The previous album, Catfights and Spotlights, is a lot more chilled. But like Heidi said, music is always changing and have to keep pushing yourself that little bit more with brilliant new artists on the scene, like Lady GaGa. But we had a lot of fun and we really love it. It’s a nice, feel good album.

Heidi: God knows where we’ll take the next one!

Amelle: Imagine if we did hard metal!

You often have to wear rather skimpy costumes – do you get nervous about baring it all?

Amelle: Yes! On video shoots you are surrounded by loads of blokes, so you do get embarrassed sometimes! In certain tops you can’t move your arm because it’ll pop open. The leotard in About A Girl was a nightmare – I had to hold myself in every two seconds!

Heidi: But we’re never forced to wear something - we choose what we want to wear. Obviously our stylist tries to push us a bit more to more extreme outfits than what we wear walking down the road.

Is your personal style quite different to the kind of outfits you wear on the stage?
Heidi: I would say it’s a bit more toned down.

Amelle: It’s like a tamer version. We wouldn’t be walking around in a leotard in everyday life!

What fashion trends do you like?

Heidi: I’m all for the shoulder pads!
Amelle: I love leather jackets.
Heidi: You’ve got about twenty!
Amelle: I love them!
Heidi: My fashion obsession are heels and handbags!

What’s your favourite pair of heels or handbags you own?
Heidi: My Chanel handbags… I have to convince myself that it’s ok to spend that much money because I can hand them down through the family - they’re classics!

What have you bought recently that you absolutely love?

Amelle: I’ve bought two pairs of Louboutin boots that I absolutely love – they come up to the knee and I got two because I like both colours. But they’re a good buy because they suit a lot of things and won’t go out of fashion.

How do you stay in shape? Do you work out a lot?
Heidi: I have to! I do spinning classes - they’re scary at first but once you get into them you get a little bit addicted. I love them now. I haven’t been as strict lately though as I usually am. But Amelle and I are preparing to do a big cycle.

Amelle: A 54 MILE cycle for charity!

Heidi: It’s in June and we’re both kind of nervous about it! We’ve got to work ourselves up to 30 miles before the race, so we best get on the bikes next week!

Amelle: We’re cycling from London to Brighton – and then we’re going to stay in a hotel and chill the hell out!

Could see yourself doing a Girls Aloud style Gap year to pursue solo projects?

Amelle: At the moment we’ve got the next couple of years planned out for us, we literally know what we’re doing this time next year! But if it felt right to take a break then we’d be quite open to that.

Heidi: But not this year!

Would you like to try something really different, like acting or going into fashion?

Heidi: We’ve got some fashion-related projects coming up but we’re not allowed to say what…

Amelle: It’s exciting – we’re going to have a lot of fun!

By Olivia Ebeling

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Win a limited edition Sugababes Sweet Box!

Win a limited edition Sugababes Sweet Box!
The Sugababes' hot new album Sweet 7 is out now, and to celebrate, we've got three 'Sweet Boxes' to give away.

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Sweet 7 contains the three massive top ten hits 'About A Girl', 'Get Sexy' and 'Wear My Kiss', as well as a collaboration with R&B star Sean Kingston on 'Miss Everything' and the gorgeous ballad 'No More You', written by Ne-Yo. It's the perfect getting-ready-to-go-out album that sees the girls at their sexiest and sassiest yet. Having achieved more Top 10 singles than the Spice Girls, All Saints or Destiny's Child, to name just a few, Sugababes are one of the most successful and talented British girl groups of all time - long live the Babes!

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