If we say so, this is rather a coup for the most recently replaced Sugababe, whose previous career high was undoubtedly placing fifth in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Which, considering the indignity of the 'nul points' charade in 2008 and our coming last in this year's shindig, proves her talent is streaks above the usual pitiful nobodies selected to represent our glorious nation at this most illustrious of 'singing' contests. So, yes. Rather a coup indeed. Wrestling the Miss Ultimo crown from such a vixen as Peaches Geldof, who we imagine would be a particularly dirty fighter even on the odd occasion when not partying, must have been a rather fearsome task. And yet, behold how she has emerged unscathed, save for a stiletto crater in her forehead ingeniously masked by the starry bandana.
Pieces in the new range have been given such imaginative names as Sweet Secrets and Candy Shop (see pink and white number below). We have no idea if these were purposely chosen because she is a 'Sugababe', but if so, you've got to admit the creative brilliance is astounding. Of her new role, she commented, "I'm a fashion addict so being involved in a lingerie brand that's so fashion-driven is lots of fun." Similarly ground-breaking. Well, we're not going to hold a grudge against her for lack of verbal dexterity. That would be pedantic. And, besides, if we became intellectual snobs over who we displayed, we'd be out of a job tomorrow. Remember, money always comes before principles. Not that we have any of either.