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Amelle announces Solo album nearly completed

Amelle Berrabah

Amelle Berrabah


2012....Let's have it!! Love my ! www.Sugababes.com www.facebook.com/OfficialAmelleBerrabah
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Can't wait until I finish the album!! 

Nearly there!! :)) xxx

Had the best day... :) xxx

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Jade Ewen reached new style lows (& looked great) at the SCAs - would you dare to wear? - 3AM

Alexa Chung, Millie Mack, Karen Gillan... All the weird and wonderful Scottish Fashion Award red carpet dresses (and that boob)- 3AM

Who took the style high road, who took the low road and who just whipped their bagpipes out!? Vote for your SFA Best Dressed... 

Jade Ewen reached new style lows (& looked great) at the SCAs - would you dare to wear?

Jade Ewen reached new style lows (& looked great) at the SCAs - would you dare to wear?

TheScottish Fashion Awards 2012 saw scores of UK born and bred style icons flock to the red carpet in Glasgow last night. Alexa Chung! Millie Mackintosh! Tali Lennox! David (eye) Gandy! Jade Ewen's BOOBS!
Alexa led the way, layering her embellished collar n' cuff Zara shirt under a fresh print Christopher Kane dress - completing her look with suede tassel loafer heels.
Model Tali Lennox upped the glam and then some, in a corseted Corrie Nielsen dress made from needles (or 'embellishment' in fahhsion terms) which seemingly paid off when she scooped the Scottish Model of the Year Award.
Prior to the event Tali told Vogue: "To be nominated for two awards is so overwhelming and flattering. I really am proud of my Scottish roots, and I can't wait to spend some time in Glasgow."
And let's not forget the likes of Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh (in Supertrash) David (eye candy) Gandy in a sharp D&G suit and Dionne Bromfield who wore a monochrome mini with feathered trim.
Some stars didn't fare quite so well though...Take a look at the starry attendees - vote on your favourite - and let us know whether which star gets a 'Och aye...so would' or an 'Och aye just wouldn't' below:
SCOT: Hot or Not's?

Alexa Chung is all about '90s layering right now, this time it's a Christopher Kane dress over a Zara shirt...


Millie MackinSCOT wore a Supertrash dress and looked super-fash


Here she is with (arguably one of the nicest celebs ever) Zoe Hardman


Dionne Bromfield tacked the feather trend, and won


Jade Ewen left onlookers reeling in her deep V plunging leather dress...


But would you dare to Deep V!?


Yup, that's nipple. She's not the only one though - check out the stars following suit below:


Where there are boobs, we have to have David eye Gandy to balance things out...


Scottish Hall of Fame: Stella Tennant
Scottish Fashion Innovator: Brian Rennie
International Designer of the Year: Mulberry
Scottish Fashion Photographer: Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Scottish Model of the Year: Karen Gillan
Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year: William Chambers
Scottish Designer of the Year: Christopher Kane
And the Scottish Fashion Awards 2012 Best Dressed star is...

So This Is What Sugababe Jade Ewen Wore To The Scottish Fashion Awards - MyDaily

So This Is What Sugababe Jade Ewen Wore To The Scottish Fashion Awards...

  • Libby Banks
  • Editor of MyDaily and The Huffington Post Style UK

Who: Jade Ewen, aka The Most Recent Member Of The Sugababes.
What: Truth be told, we'd completely lost track when it comes to the current Sugababe line-up - so we can't blame Jade for trying to get our attention. Depending on how you look at it, the low-cut leather dress was either a cry for help, or exceedingly brave. Either way, it seems the dress did its job because now we know exactly who Jade is.
Bonus info: The Sugababes were originally formed in 1998 - when Jade was 10 years old. Fun fact or what?!
jade ewen
jade ewen

Take a look at the gallery below to see who else attended the fashion event:

Scottish Fashion Awards

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And here's the full list of winners from last night:
Scottish Designer Of The Year - Christopher Kane
Scottish Young Designer of the Year - Hayley Scanlan
Scottish Textile Brand of the Year - Dashing Tweeds
Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year - William Chambers
Scottish Fashion Icon - Karen Gillan
Scottish Communicator of the Year - Faye McLeod
Scottish Model of the Year - Tali Lennox
Scotland's New Face - Kerry O'May
Scottish Fashion Innovator Brian Renni, Creative Managing Director of Basler
Scottish Retailer of the Year Shhh-Oohs (Luxury Shoe Retailer Edinburgh)
Scottish Graduate of the Year - Joanne McGillivary
Fashion Ambassador - Colin McDowell MBE (Author, fashion esteemed fashion journalist and founder of Fashion Fringe).
Scottish Hall of Fame 2012 - Stella Tennant
Scottish Fashion Photographer - Jonathan Daniel Pryce
International Designer of the Year (for use of a Scottish fabric) - Mulberry

Mr.Paparazzi says Jade is showing too much cleavage, what do you think?

Jade Ewen has too much cleavage on show at Scottish Fashion Awards….

Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards
Some might say that there’s no such thing as too much cleavage on show – well, Katie Price and Jodie Marsh have been arguing that for years.
We’d say however that there is such a thing and last night Sugababe Jade Ewen well and truly crossed that line when she arrived at the Scottish Fashion Awards in a low, low, low cut black and blue leather dress.
Luckily the singer avoided any spillages or nip slips which is at least some consolation, or maybe no consolation at all – depending on the way you look at it.
Other stars to attend the fash bash included Alexa Chung and David Gandy.

Jade at Scottish Fashion Awards Thumbs from Stockpix

Jade Ewen arrives on the red carpet at the Scottish Fashion Awards