Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New Sugababes photos from TPS Media Day

The Perfume Shop The Perfume Shop enjoyed a day with the Sugababes yesterday....lots of media interviews including Eamonn Holmes, Sky News, Radio One Extra and FHM to name but a few! Keep you eyes peeled for these exciting interviews about their new trio of scents at TPS!

Check out the lovely ladies looking wonderfully glam for such an ...early start!

Jade Ewen (of the Sugababes) Vocal Range

hello07601 | 17 June 2010
Jade Ewen is a talented UK vocallist with an incredible and beautiful voice. This video demonstrates some of the range she has shown so far , as well as showcasing some of her best vocal moments.
There are more than enough Mariah, Leona and Beyonce range videos on youtube so i thought it would be interesting to look at someone different.

I do not own any of the clips used in this video. Please do not repost to youtube.

Sugababes Video Interview Press Association Re Tempt,Tease and Touch

pressassociation | 21 September 2010
The group have launched Tempt, Tease and Touch through the Perfume Shop