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Jade Ewen Reveals Underwear Exposure Fear

Jade Ewen - Jade Ewen Reveals Underwear Exposure Fear

29 January 2011 09:18:07 AM
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Jade Ewen Reveals Underwear Exposure Fear

Sugababes singer Jade Ewen always wears matching underwear because she is terrified of being in an accident that would expose her ''granny pants''.
Jade Ewen is scared she will get caught wearing "granny pants".
The Sugababes singer he is scared of being in an accident that would result in her having her clothes taken away and exposing her underwear, so always makes sure she chooses nice garments.
She said: "I've always had this fear that if I were ever in an accident and needed to have my clothes cut off in hospital, it'd be really embarrassing to be caught wearing granny pants and a purple bra!"
However, the 23-year-old star does not always get it right and once exposed herself more than she planned because an outfit did not allow her to wear a bra.
She admitted: "Once, I was wearing a backless jumpsuit, so I couldn't wear a bra, and I had a nipple slip. Not fun."
Despite had underwear issues, Jade is the current face of lingerie collection Miss Ultimo and she confesses she is not a natural in front of the camera.
She said: "I'm always shy to begin with. I'm very aware of my body and can over-think everything. I try not to think about it too much until I'm in front of the camera, as I have a really bad habit of building things up in my head.
"Naturally, as the day progresses, I tend to warm up and relax."

Norwood: Cast Jade in EastEnders

Ricky Norwood wants his girlfriend Jade Ewen as a co-star
Norwood: Cast Jade in EastEnders
EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood wants his real-life girlfriend Jade Ewen cast as his on-screen love interest - to limit her jealous reactions.
Speaking from the red carpet at the National Television Awards, the actor, who plays Fatboy in the soap, joked that his Sugababe other half would be a perfect addition to Albert Square.
Asked if he wanted her to join the show, he said: "That would be great for me. It would stop the bruises on my arm, let me tell you."
Jade responded: "Every time he kisses someone else, I'm like, 'Why do these writers keep making you kiss other women?' He doesn't warn me either so I have no moment to prepare. I just see it.
"I've got better. Now I just cringe. The first time I was a bit violent but not now."
Ricky left the evening triumphant after walking away from the awards ceremony with the most popular newcomer gong.

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