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Jade Ewen Eurovision "It's My Time"

"It's My Time"Jade

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics: Diane Warren
View the LyricsI've been down / Down so long
But those days are gone now
I've got the will / I've earned the right
To show you it's my time tonight

It's my time, it's my time
My moment / I'm not gonna let go of it
My time, It's my time / And I'll stand proud

There's nothing I'm afraid of
I'll show you what I'm made of
Show you all it's my time now

I'll break through, I've made my move
And my faith is strong now
I've got the heart / To reach the heights
To show you it's my time tonight

It's my time, it's my time
My moment, I'm not gonna let go of it
My time, It's my time / And I'll stand proud

There's nothing I'm afraid of
I'll show you what I'm made of
Show you all it's my time now

I've got the will
I've earned the right
Tonight... Tonight...

It's my time
It's my time
My moment
I'm not gonna let go of it

My time, It's my time
And I'll stand proud

There's nothing I'm afraid of
I'll show you what I'm made of
Show you all
It's my time now... Now...

Show you all
It's my time now
BiographyThere are few singers able to transcend beyond the TV show that made their name. But for Jade Ewen the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will be the springboard for her success. Regardless of whether she wins in Moscow this May, Jade's incredible talent ensures her a fantastic future in the music industry.

As Ewen, 21, so effortlessly proved during those four weeks of Eurovision: Your Country Needs You, she is one of the finest vocalists the UK has produced in years. Jade has the technical prowess of Whitney and Mariah, the classical timelessness of Diana Ross and the eternal cool of Donna Summer. Combining an outstanding vocal performance with cutting-edge choreography Jade embodies the current mood in music - credible cool with a mainstream twist. Smart, stylish and extraordinarily gifted, the determined Ewen has the talent, the tenacity and the team behind her to become one of 2009's most successful singers.

Born and raised in Plaistow, East London to a Jamaican mother and British/ Sicilian father, Jade had a challenging childhood. Her dad is blind and her mum suffers from Myasthenia Gravis, leaving her partially bind and deaf. Yet being the primary carer to her parents and two younger siblings has given Jade a pragmatic, ambitious outlook on life. Since a 3 year-old singing in her grandma's garden, Jade has systematically set her sights on turning her musical dreams into reality. "My parent's disabilities have given me a lot of drive, because my mum always said she didn't want to see us struggling like her," says Jade. "Both of my parents are fighters, and they've instilled that fight in me. Seeing what they've overcome has helped me to see that nothing in life can hold me back."

With both parents unable to work and existing on disability benefits, money was far from flowing in the Ewen household. Approached by a drama school who recognised her potential, Jade practiced and rehearsed relentlessly in order to win one of the precious few scholarships on offer. As a teenage attendee of Sylvia Young Theatre School, she appeared in The Bill, Casualty and Mr. Harvey Lights A Candle, before perfecting her onstage skills in The Lion King. A gifted singer and dancer, Jade had a brief spell in the girl group Trinity Stone, before going solo. Despite being unsigned at the time, acclaimed producer Kwame (Missy/ Mary J. Blige), was so impressed with the music he heard on Jade's MySpace, he invited her to record with him in New York. "It was an amazing experience to work with someone who has created so many of my favourite tracks," she recalls.

Jade Ewen
A few months later, and Jade was approached about Eurovision. Initially unsure of what to expect, all doubts were cast aside when she learnt that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren were involved. Over the four weeks, which saw her perform show-stopping live renditions of Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera, Jade won the support of millions. Her dazzling performance of Warren and Lloyd Webber's It's My Time in the final week saw Jade storm the voting polls to be crowned as Great Britain's representative in Moscow this May. "It was too good an opportunity to pass up," notes Jade of the Eurovision experience. "It's a privilege to be representing the UK, and with over 100million people watching, what better way to kick-start my career."

While the Eurovision is her immediate focus, there's a solo career to also consider. Performing It's My Time in Moscow alongside Lloyd Webber is just the first note in Jade's musical lifeline. "I see Eurovision as the beginning of the rest of my professional life," decides Jade. "You're seeing the start of a 20, 30 year career."

As the song goes, now is Jade's Time and she's not letting go of it. Today, Eurovision. Tomorrow, the rest of the world...

Sugababes Updated Upcoming Events and Shows

Sugababes Updated Upcoming
Events & Shows:-

February :

Tues 09/02/2010 Radio Stations :Radio Aire Leeds + Lincs FM
Wed 10/02/2010 Radio Staions in Liverpool
Sun 21/02/2010 WEAR MY KISS’ out February 21st
Mon 22/02/2010 Radio 1 with Greg James at 3.30pm
Tues 23/02.2010 Live Online Webchat at Habbo Hotel (www.Habbo.co.uk ) 5.30pm
Sun 28/02/2010 Radio 1 chart show guests

Radio 2 – Paul O’Grady playing “Sweet and Amazing”


06/03/2010 Album launch event 6th March
ISDNS 5th March for the album

Fri 12/03/2010 Confirmed for the huge UK Eurovision show on 12th March – Sugababes will be the only act to perform to 6 million viewers.
Thurs 18/03/2010 Capital session confirmed

Mon 22/03/2010 Album ‘SWEET 7’ Out March 22nd



Sat 03/07/2010 Sound music festival at Netherdale in Galashiels.

Please visit Jadewen.com

Jade Ewen Source is the largest, most popular and most reliable sources for the London born singer Jade Ewen since 2009. With Jade joining the popular girl group Sugababes this year, the site shifted to a blog for both the group and Jade's individual careers. And now, Jade, Heidi and Amelle get ready to release their new album Sweet 7 and become stars both in the United Kingdom and hopefully United States. Check them out at Sugababes.com. Keep checking back for updates, news and exclusive updates from Jade herself!

Sugababes Upcoming Events and Shows :-

Sugababes Upcoming Events and Shows :-

February :

Tues 09/02/2010 Radio Stations :Radio Aire Leeds + Lincs FM
Wed 10/02/2010 Radio Stations in Liverpool

Tues 23/02.2010 Live Online Webchat at Habbo Hotel (www.Habbo.co.uk ) 5.30pm


Sat 03/07.2010 Sound music festival at Netherdale in Galashiels.

Please sponser Amelles Skydive for Cancer Research


Amelle's page

I’m doing a parachute jump to raise money for Cancer Research, a charity that’s been really close to my heart ever since my dad passed away.

I've never done anything like this before so I'm a bit nervous, but I have no choice now - I'll be jumping out of that plane screaming, crying or laughing!

Thanks so much to anyone who donates money, it's for a really important cause and literally every penny counts. I really appreciate any support that you give me and Cancer Research.

I'll update you all on how I get on at www.sugababes.com.

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Paul Harper meets The Sugababes - February 2010 Paul catches up with the girls to find out about their new single, Wear My Kiss... and Amelle's upcoming skydive!


Sugababes interview - with Jade! The 'new look' Sugababes joined David Heane for a chat about the changes and the fall out with Keisha.

Sound Gala Day 2010 Venue, Galashiels

Sound Gala Day 2010Venue: Gala Fairydean FC, Galashiels
Category: Music, Family, Festival, Children
Start Date:
Time: Saturday 03 July 2010 1:00 PM
End Date:
Phone: 01750 725480
Price: £20 & booking feeBuy Tickets

Sound Gala Day 2010: £20.00


THIS is it! Sound music festival, which made its debut in the Borders last year, is back for 2010, it has been announced.

It will return to Netherdale in Galashiels on Saturday, July 3.

And Michael Jackson tribute act Mikki Jay will be among the headliners.

The event has been organised to coincide with the town's Gala Day celebrations.

Other bands performing on the main stage at this year's festival include The Killers, Sugababes and Simple Minds tribute acts, as well as Edinburgh bands Epic26 and This R 2 Tone, and Elephant and The Mud-Soaked Villagers from Galashiels.

And tickets for the event, priced £20, go on sale on Monday - with children aged under 14 being admitted free with a fee paying adult.

Organiser Steve Cass, who runs Move Music Venue in Overhaugh Street, Galashiels, told the Border Telegraph: "We are back by popular demand.

"Sound music festival is arguably the biggest live music event in Galashiels since last year.

"We have spent a few months now thinking of who to book, I feel the line up is suited to everyone. We have up-and-coming talent, as well as the most popular music that people listen to today.


Luxury Swiss-watchmakers RAYMOND WEIL give a behind the scenes view of the recent promotions photo shoot for Vanity Fair with a great voice of the future - British singer-songwriter Jade Ewen, the newest edition to Brit-pop sensations the Sugababes.

In an exclusive promotions photo shoot Jade wears the Noemia timepiece by RAYMOND WEIL.

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