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The Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah undergoes drastic image overhaul and shows off new look in sexy gym snap

The Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah undergoes drastic image overhaul and shows off new look in sexy gym snap

The Tumble star is looking VERY different these days

FORMER Sugababes' star AMELLE Berrabah has had one hell of a makeover.
The former Sugababes' singer took to Twitter on Friday to share a snap of herself in the gym.
Amelle used to have long brown hair
Amelle used to have long brown hair
And she looks amazing.
Posing in a pair of white shorts and a matching crop top, Amelle shows off her amazing abs and perfect pins as she poses in the candid snap.
Look at her now! [Instagram]
Look at her now! [Instagram]
The singer shows off her new blonde barnett and natural beauty with minimal make-up.
Amelle captioned the shot: "Did like 3 sets of 10 squats then... Left."
The Sugababes star last year [Amelle Berrabah/Instagram]
The Sugababes star last year [Amelle Berrabah/Instagram]
It certainly looks like you did a lot more, Amelle.
When we last saw Amelle she had long brown hair and was enjoying a honeymoon in Mauritius.
Sugababe Amelle Berrabah with her fellow bandmembers
Sugababe Amelle Berrabah with her fellow bandmembers
The star is now working on her solo career after leaving the Sugababes in 2011.
Amelle's first solo single with Tinchy Stryder, Never Leave You, went straight to number 1.In 2014 she took part in BBC gymnastics competition, Tumble. 
The star got married in 2014 -just 6 days after getting engaged to Marcio Sousa Rosa.
The pair are said to have split last year.

Heidi's Wedding Blog: "I'm Not Just Having Bridesmaids - There'll Be Manmaids Too" Heidi Range


Heidi's Wedding Blog: "I'm Not Just Having Bridesmaids - There'll Be Manmaids Too"
Who says you're only allowed your female friends as bridesmaids? Not Heidi. Her close friends Jerry and Rossy are both set to be a 'Manmaids' at Heidi's upcoming wedding in Italy

Natalie, J, my sister and me
Natalie, J, my sister and me
I’m truly blessed when it comes to friends. I have many - and they are all wonderful. Throughout the rollercoaster of my life so far I have enjoyed many, many ups, but there have also been some downs. I’ve learned it's during the downs when you really know who your friends are.
Choosing my bridesmaids was a very natural and easy decision. My Maid of Honour is going to be my sister Hayley. There's three years between us: we look pretty similar but have completely different personalities. We are joined at the hip whenever possible.
If my fiancé Alex and I are blessed with daughters one day, I can only dream they will end up having the bond that Hayley and I now share. She really does mean the absolute world to me.
I'm truly blessed when it comes to friends

Then there's my bez, Natalie. We met at school, aged five, when I wished I had Rapunzel hair just like hers. She lives in Liverpool and I'm in London.
We'll go weeks without speaking but then spend hours catching up over the phone on some random evening. I've often poured myself a glass of wine to sit and catch up with Natalie ... and ended the call slightly bewildered at how I’ve ended up with an empty bottle.
We’re both quite girly and emotional. When I had the privilege of being her maid of honour, I burst out crying every time I looked at her. I'm honoured to be Godmother to her adorable little boy Joel, who'll be one of our pageboys.
Alex's sister Vicki is going to be my third bridesmaid, alongside her son, our gorgeous nephew Lysander, as pageboy. I’m lucky in that I can honestly say my sister-in-law is one of the nicest people you could meet - we have a shared love of not only my husband-to-be, but also for our beloved dogs! Vicki has a spaniel called Lola, and you all know about my ‘furry daughter’ Bettie, my pug.

Me and J
Me and J
Then, very importantly, I have my 'Manmaids'.
Firstly there’s J, Jerry or G-Hub - Gay Husband - as I like to call him! Jerry was the dancer I was partnered with for my very first Top Of The Pops performance of Freak Like Me when I joined the Sugababes. He went on to choreograph us for many years and is the master of all the moves I’ve ever known.
He is one of my dearest friends - honest (the only man I know who will tell me the truth when I ask ‘does my bum look big in this?’), inspiring and encouraging, he has a wicked sense of humour, an infectious zest for life, always has my back, and is ridiculously handsome.

Rossy and me
Rossy and me
And last but by no means least I have Rossy, or Sis, as we call him.
He says that Hayley and I are the sisters he never had. Rossy is responsible for many of the best hairstyles I had as a Sugababe - as well as some of the worst hangovers of my life! He has a heart of gold, is fiercely loyal and has the ability to make me laugh like nobody else.
Rossy is responsible for some of the best hairstyles - and worst hangovers - of my life!

Just writing this blog is getting me super excited at the thought of our wedding morning. Sharing a Prosecco breakfast (when in Italy...), getting ready together with my dearest friends and having them beside me to walk down the aisle on the most special day of my life.
There is one other that I would have loved as bridesmaid that sadly can't be there, my little pug Bettie. To know that she won’t be with us on our most special day breaks my heart. I would have decorated her collar in flowers and Hayley could have walked her down the aisle.
Unfortunately, because she's a pug she doesn't cope well in the heat and we've decided it would be selfish to take her when there's a risk it might affect her health. Imagine how big her eyes would get looking at a juicy Florentine steak!
The venue is booked, the Save The Dates have gone out, and my Bridesmaids and ‘Manmaids’ are lined up and ready to go.
But there’s still so much to do. I was beginning to get ahead of the game with all the preparations - and now I’ve gone and landed a job - my dream job - as a lead in the West End with eight shows a week to schedule in to my journey up the aisle.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way. More on that - and the rest of my 'Wedmin' - next week...
Heidi x

Video: Ksyran feat. Amelle - Testify (Radio Rip)

Ksyran feat. Amelle - Testify (Radio Rip)
Published on 11 Feb 2016
Ksyran featuring Amelle Berrabah - Testify. Radio rip. Out May 6th.

Recording my duo with gorgeous talented Amelle, Sugababes ❤️#duo