Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Photo of Jade with DJ Deekay and Chinners 5.9.09

Fresh Cuts with DJ DeeKay and Chinners (05-09-09)

With special guest Jade Ewen.

Nikita Karishma Shah young fashion designer who styled The Sugababes for the Asian Woman Front cover

nikita karizma

Welcome to my Website. My name is Nikita Karishma Shah and I am a young fashion designer studying at the London College of Fashion on a Fashion Product Clothing BA course. I am currently on a work placement year designing menswear for Tesco, designing a hoody for the best selling brand at Topman called 2323, and a range of blazers to be sold at my parents Asian Fashion store Variety Silk House.

This year has given me many opportunities including styling the Asian Woman front cover with Laila Rouass and my first year coursework being published in ASIANA magazine. This industry has also allowed me to interview many celebrities by doing reports as a tv presenter  for Bina Mistry for Sony's The Zone programme. Redman, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley, Raghav, Jay Sean are a few of the celebrities I've had the opportunity to interview.

As a hobby I love to dance with my dance troupe Breaking Ice. We've performed everywhere including Trafalgar Square, Asiana magazine events, Zee carnival and as a solo dancer I reached the UK Boogie Woogie bollywood dance finals in 2007. Also keep a look out for my collection of artwork.       Recently I have been a model for       my parents business Variety Silk House.       For any information regarding what you see please feel       free to contact me on

Jade Ewen sugababe
Jade Ewen - Sugababes
Amelle Berrabah
Amelle Berrabah - Sugababes
Heidi sugababes
Heidi - Sugababes

Fashion Designer

I have currently completed my second year on a fashion product clothing at the prestigious London College of Fashion.  I have been brought up in a fashion environment with my parents, Roopal and Mayur, owning Variety Silk House.  From a young age my design work has been inspired straight from the catwalks of India's Fashion Week, watched the likes of Gwen Stefani and Amitabh Bhachan visit our fashion house, and be surrounded by the entertainment industry in all aspects.  This has fuelled my creativity in fashion design as well as other projects.

Have a look below to see some of my projects. 


    2323 @ Topman        

 2323 topman

Currently designing for 2323 a new brand with a concession at Topman...Keep a watch out!


     Variety Silk House 

Follow our page on facebook for all the latest photoshoots, celebrity style and more!


Styling the Sugababes for the cover of Asian Woman.

London College of Fashion


    Sustainability Project        

lcf projectlcf

mannequin experimentation lcf


    Sony Ericsson Project        

sony ericsson london college of fashion project

nikita lcfsony ericsson project





    Abercrombie & Fitch Project        

Menswear advert launching a chinese range, inspired by Mahjong


Coloured Illustration Board

anf illustration board lcf work

Mood Board

mood board


    Vivienne Westwood project year 1        

Fashion is a statement. It influences people’s minds in various ways; including voting preferences, teenage appearance and lifestyle habits.  My collection is designed to send out a positive environmental message, discouraging littering especially of plastic carrier bags.  I have created a collection from which garments functionally convert into bags.  Consumers need not use packaging when purchasing the garment, as they can walk out the store with it as a bag.  It is designed to be a press product of a range and hopefully send out a positive message for anti-littering.  The collection was inspired by Vivienne Westwood's very political design sense.  As a young designer I believe that fashion influences everyone and that we must take that responsibility to allow our young generation to help the world.


vivienne westwood projectvivienne westwood london college of fashion 

Privacy Statement

Young Fashion       Designer

My Scan of Daily Mirror Jade Ewen in Everyday by Miss Ultimo

Miss Ultimo

My Scan of Daily Star Jade Ewen in Everyday by Miss Ultimo

Miss Ultimo

Latest News and Photos from Jade Ewen

Well we had a wonderful chat on Twitter with Jade as she dashed to make and eat 4 pancakes before midnight !
Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : Typical! I never need an excuse to eat pancakes.. and the one day of the year when you're meant to eat them, I forget lol!
Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : Ah well I've still got 21 mins of pancake day left!

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen :RUNNING to my kitchen now... lololol

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : ps Happy womens day!
Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : yay! i got in a pancake before pancake day was over.. oh yeshhhhh

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : Me and my pancake... Ahhh... :) 

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen  : Look this is how serious it was.. I was tweeting and eating! Lol..none left now tho :(

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen :ok feeling sleepy.. going to have a lil lay down and watch some gossip girl.. love u Jadeybabies! speak tomorrow! xx
Jade Louise EwenJadeEwen : A goodnight kiss! :*

Whilst cooking, eating and digesting Jade also chatted with her many fans :-

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : @joy_division thank u! and no worries music coming SOON!!!

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : @laurencamilleri oh no.. dont be dieting! theres too much to good treats you'll miss out on.. easter eggs etc etc

Jade Louise Ewen JadeEwen : @OmarRaza sounds lovely! u no i lOVE food so much! one day im going to have a cooking show for the fun of it.. then i can eat EVERYTHING!