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As Mutya wins limited name rights, it’s "business as usual” for the Sugababes

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As Mutya wins limited name rights, it’s

TheSugababes have released a statement to put fans minds at rest following the news that former band member Mutya Buena has won limited rights to the Sugababes name.

Heidi, Amelle and Jade would like to reassure their fans that it's business as usual for Sugababes. Over four months ago it was officially confirmed by the European Trade Marks Department that Sugababes were successful in claiming their ongoing right to use the name 'Sugababes' for all areas of commercial activity that the band requires, namely within the music, sound recording and entertainment industry, as well as being granted extensive rights to produce a wide range of merchandise."

Mutya won the right to use the name for a limited number of products listed under Class 16 on the official EU Trademark website listings, meaning that she owns the rights to Sugababes products including, "paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; namely stationery, paper gift wrap and paper gift wrapping ribbons". It’s all a bit confusing to us. It sounds like Mutya can make Sugababes posters and that’s about it.

The band say that Mutya’s category of ownership "currently holds no commercial interest for the band and, accordingly, the band has no immediate plans to challenge Ms Buena for these rights".

So it really is business as usual for the 'Babes, then.

Sugababes Regional Radio Tour for Freedom Day 4

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Thurs Aug 25th
9.50AM Viking FM, Hull

10.30am Hallam FM, Sheffield

12.15pm Real Radio, Wakefield

1.45pm Radio Aire, Leeds

2.30pm Pulse FM, Bradford

3.45pm Key 103 FM, Manchester

11AM :Just finished at Viking fm in hull.. Now heading to Sheffield..

Photos from LincsFM of Sugababes Radio Regional Tour Day 3

Some  great behind the scenes photos and photos with fans here supplied by LINCSFM 102.2 . Oh and if you haven't recognised the bearded guy in the middle of the top photo its James (You Give Me SomethingMorrison . Amazing who you bump into on the road :-) ~JEF